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Selected Publications

Buckley, Jenifer, Peterson, H. Christopher, and Bingen, Jim. 2014. The Starting Block: A Case Study of an Incubator Kitchen. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 17 (1): 163-187.  View Video Overview of this Case Study

Peterson, H. Christopher. 2011. An Epistemology for Agribusiness: Peers, Methods, and Engagement in the Agri-Food Bio System. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 14 (5): 11-26.

Dentoni, Domenico, Peterson, H. Christopher. 2011. Multi-Stakeholder Sustainability Alliances in Agri-Food Chains: A Theory of Reasoned Action Approach. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 14 (5), 83-108.

Dentoni, Domenico, Calantone, Roger J., Tonsor, Glyndall T., Peterson, H. Christopher. 2011. Animal Welfare Practices along the Food Chain: How Does Negative and Positive Information Affect Consumers? Journal of Food Products Marketing 17 (3), 279-302.

Dentoni, Domenico, Tonsor, Glyndall T., Calantone, Roger J., Peterson, H. Christopher. 2010. Brand Information Mitigating Negative Shocks on Animal Welfare: Is It More Effective to Distract Consumers or Make Them Aware? International Food and Agricultural Management Review 13 (4), 17-56. IFAMA 2010 Best Paper, Innovation Award.

Peterson, H. Christopher. 2011. Invited Paper Case Study Discussion. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 93 (2), 648-649.