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Selected Publications

Kizito Mazvimavi, Isaac Minde, Conrad Murendo, Tarisayi Pedzisa and Patrick Ndlovu 2012. Cost effectiveness of seed fairs relative to direct relief distribution in Zimbabwe. Development in Practice 22:7, 978-990.

Isaac Minde, Tarisai Pedzisa and Steve Twomlow 2011. Strategies for enhancing fertilizer use by smallholder farmers in the Limpopo Province, South Africa 2011. Paper presented at 49th Conference of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa. 28 September 2011 at Diep-in-die Berg.

Pedzisa Tarisai, Minde Isaac, Twomlow Stephen 2010. The evaluation of the use of participatory processes in wide-scale dissemination of research in micro dosing and conservation agriculture in Zimbabwe. Research Evaluation Volume 19, Number 2, pp145-155. Publisher: Beech Tree Publishing.

Minde I.J. and Mazvimavi, K. 2008. The Economics of Biotechnology (GMs) and the Need for a regional policy: The Case for COMESA Countries. Pages 337-381. In Agricultural Growth, Poverty Reduction and Millennium Development Goals in Africa (Nambiro, E., Omare, M.N. and Guy B. Nkamleu, G.B. eds). Outcomes of AAAE Conference, August 18-22, 2007, La Palm Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.