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Selected Publications

  • Mghenyi, E., R.J. Myers and T.S. Jayne. The effects of a large discrete maize price increase on the distribution of household welfare and poverty in rural Kenya. Agricultural Economics 42(3):343-356).
  • Mason, Nicole N., Jayne, Thomas S., Chapoto, Antony, Myers, Robert J. 2010. A Test of the New Variant Famine Hypothesis: Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia. World Development 38 (3): 356-368.
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  • Liu, Yanyan, Myers, Robert J. 2009. Model Selection in Stochastic Frontier Analysis with an Application to Maize Production in Kenya. Journal of Productivity Analysis 31 33-46.
  • Lasco, Christine, Myers, Robert J., Bernsten, Richard H. 2008. Dynamics of Rice Prices and Agricultural Wages in the Philippines. Agricultural Economics 38 (3): 339-348.
  • Jayne, Thomas S., Myers, Robert J., Nyoro, James. 2008. The Effects of NCPB Marketing Policies on Maize Market Prices in Kenya. Agricultural Economics 38 (3): 313-325.
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  • “Crop Insurance Under Catastrophic Risk.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Nov. 2000 (with John Duncan).
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