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Selected Publications

  • IEG forthcoming. Social Safety Nets and Gender: Learning from Impact Evaluations and World Bank Projects. Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank. Washington, DC. (Core team-member)
  • Nankhuni F.J., Paniagua G. 2013. Meta-evaluation of Private Sector Interventions in Agribusiness: Finding out What Worked in Access to Finance and Farmer/Business Training. Development Impact Department, IFC, World Bank Group. Washington, DC. Accessible on 3ie database of systematic reviews ( (Lead author).
  • World Bank 2012. Toward Gender Equality and Development in East Asia and the Pacific: A Companion to World Development Report 2012. World Bank. Washington, DC. (Core team -member).
  • IEG 2011. Growth and Productivity in Agriculture and Agribusiness – Evaluative Lessons from World Bank Group Experience. Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank. Washington, DC. (Co-author).
  • IEG 2011. The Africa Action Plan: An IEG Evaluation. Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank. Washington, DC. (Core team-member).
  • Nankhuni F. and K. Beegle 2006. “The Impacts of Chronic Illness and HIV/AIDS on Households in Malawi”. Chapter in “Malawi Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment: Investing in Our Future”. Republic of Malawi and the World Bank, Lilongwe, Malawi and Washington DC, USA. (Co-author).
  • Nankhuni F.J., Findeis J.L. 2006. “Child Malnutrition and the Environment: How Women’s Work in Collecting Environmental Goods Affects Children’s Health in Malawi. Population Association of America 2006 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California, March 30-April 1, 2006. (Lead author).
  • Nankhuni F.J., Findeis J.L. 2004. “Natural Resource Collection Work and Children’s Schooling in Malawi”. Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol. 31 (2-3): 123-134. (Lead author).
  • Nankhuni F.J., Todd B., Mukherjee S. 2001. A relative profile of poverty in Malawi 1998: A quintile-based poverty analysis of the Malawi Integrated Household Survey, 1997-98. Republic of Malawi, Lilongwe, Malawi and IFPRI, Washington DC, USA.