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  • Farris, J., M. Porter, S. Jin and M. Maredia. (2021). “Growing Pains: Timing of In Utero Rainfall Shocks and Child Growth in Rural Rwanda,” Economic Development Cultural Change, forthcoming in Vol 71, No.2, 2023.

  • Ruan, J., Q. Cai#, and S. Jin. (2021). “The Impact of COVID-19 and Nationwide Lockdowns on Vegetable Prices: Evidence from Wholesale Markets in China,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.

  • Zhu, J.#, Jin, Z. Tang, and T. Awokuse. (2021). “The Effect of the Pension on Land Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Approach,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, forthcoming in Vol 71, No.1, 2022.

  • Li, X.#, H. Guo, Jin, W. Ma, Y. Zeng#. (2021). “Do Farmers Gain Internet Dividends from E-commerce Adoption? Evidence from China,” Food Policy, forthcoming.

  • Zhang, J., Jin, T. Li and H. Wang. (2021). “Gender Discrimination in China: Experimental Evidence from the Job Market for College Graduates,” Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming.

  • *Deininger, K., Jin, S. Liu, T. Shao and F. Xia (2019). “The Impact of Property Rights Reform to Support China’s Rural-Urban Integration: Village-level Evidence from the Chengdu National Experiment,” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 81(6):1214-1251.

  • *Ji, C., S. Jin, J. Wu, and C. Ye. (2019). “Estimating effects of cooperative membership on farmers’ safe production behaviors: Evidence from pig sector in China,” Food Policy 83:231–245.

  • Zhang, J., S. Jin, Li, and M. Torero. (2018). “Teachers and Urban-rural Gap in Educational Outcomes,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 100(4):1207–23.

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  • Yang, J.#, H. Wang, S. Jin, K, Chen, J. Riedinger, and C. Peng. (2016). “Migration, Local Off-farm Employment, and Agricultural Production Efficiency: Evidence from China,” Journal of Productivity Analysis 45:247-259. DOI: 10.1007/s11123-015-0464-9.

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