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Selected Publication

Tschirley, David L., Poulton, Colin, Gergely, Nicolas, Labaste, Patrick, Baffes, John, Boughton, Duncan H., Estur, Gerald. 2010. Institutional Diversity and Performance in African Cotton Sectors. Development Policy Review 28 (3): 295-323.

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Tschirley, David, Colin Poulton, and Duncan Boughton . 2008.  “The Many Paths of Cotton Sector Reform in Southern and Eastern Africa: Lessons from a Decade of Experience”.  In Cotton, Natural Resources and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa, William G. Moseley and Leslie C. Gray, Eds.  Ohio University Press.

Donovan, Cynthia, Megan McGlinchy, John Staatz, and David Tschirley. 2006.  “Emergency Needs Assessments and the Impact of Food Aid on Local Markets”.  Desk Review prepared for WFP Strengthening Emergency Needs Assessment Capacity (SENAC) project.  Rome.

Benfica, Rui M.S., David L. Tschirley, and Duncan H. Boughton (2006).  “Interlinked Transactions in Cash Cropping Economies: The Determinants of Farmer Participation and Performance in the Zambezi River Valley of Mozambique”.  Contributed paper prepared for presentation at the International Association of Agricultural Economists Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, August 12-18, 2006

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Tschirley, David and Rui Benfica.   “Rural poverty and poverty alleviation in Mozambique: what does the evidence tell us?”.  Journal of Modern African Studies, 39(2). (second quarter 2001)