Africa’s Unfolding Diet Transformation and Farm Employment: Evidence From Tanzania

February 2, 2017 - Author: <>, <>, <>, <>, Mayuko Kondo

Tschirley, D., Cunguara, B., Haggblade, S., Reardon, T., & Kondo, M. (2017). Africa’S Unfolding Diet Transformation And Farm Employment: Evidence From Tanzania (No. 1879-2017-1928).


We investigate the implications of diet change associated with income growth for the level and distribution of employment and income earning opportunities at farm level in Tanzania. We find that (1) rice provides strong opportunities for labor and income growth among the smallest smallholder farmers, (2) vegetables deliver strong income growth for these small farmers, but generate far less labor, (3) other grains, pulses, and roots & tubers generate labor growth but with less concentration of benefits among the smallest farmers and with very low returns to labor, and (4) all labor growth in these crops is highly sensitive to productivity growth associated with farm structure change.


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