Annual Production of Macroinvertebrates in Three Streams of Different Water Quality

August 1, 1983 - Author: Charles C. Krueger; Thomas F. Waters

Journal or Book Title: Ecology

Keywords: alkalinity; benthos; energetics; fish; macroinvertehrates; nitrates; production; streams

Volume/Issue: 64, No. 4

Page Number(s): 840-850

Year Published: 1983

Macroinvertebrate annual production was estimated in three Minnesota streams that differed in watershed geologic origin and in total alkalinity. Annual mean alkalinities (as CaCOt) in the Caribou River, Blackhoof River, and North Branch Creek were 34, 83, and 245 mg/L, respectively. Annual production by herbivore-detritivore invertebrates was lowest in the Caribou River (wet mass: 27.0 g/m2), intermediate in the Blackhoof River (36.9 g/m2), and highest in North Branch Creek (I 19.6 g/m2). Estimates of annual production by invertebrate carnivores followed the same pattern: lowest in the Caribou River (5.5 g/m2, intermediate in the Blackhoof River (6.5 g/m2), and highest in North Branch Creek (12.8 g/m2). These estimates of annual production were positively associated with alkalinity, nitrates, and fish standing stocks.

Type of Publication: Journal Article

Publisher: Ecological Society of America

Tags: alkalinity, benthos, energetics, fish, macroinvertehrates, nitrates, production, streams


Charles Krueger

Charles Krueger

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