Benue State Climate Smart Agriculture Profile


November 29, 2023 - Author: Dr. Robert Onyeneke, Dr. Olawale Emmanuel Olayide, Dr. Oyinkan Chukuka Tasie, Chukwuemeka chinonso Emenekwe, Edache Enyikwola, Hilakaan Hiiorga Peter, Mbakigighir Hembadoon Deborah

Agriculture serves as the backbone of Benue State's economy. Benue state, often referred to as the 'Food Basket of the Nation,' boasts the widest array of agricultural produce among all the states in Nigeria, increasing food availability, creating employment opportunities in the form of farm labour and facilitating markets for agricultural products "(Soomiyol & Fadairo, 2020). However, the state faces several challenges such as (i) Climate change: Climate change is a major threat to the agricultural sector in Benue State. The state is already experiencing the effects of climate change such as drought, floods, and pests. These effects are likely to become more severe in the coming years, and they could have a devastating impact on the agricultural sector. (ii) Inadequate access to credit: Farmers in Benue State often face difficulty accessing credit from financial institutions. This is a major challenge for farmers, as it makes it difficult for them to invest in their farms and improve their productivity. (iii) Inadequate infrastructure: The agricultural sector in Benue State suffers from inadequate infrastructure, such as roads, storage facilities, and markets. This makes it difficult for farmers to transport their produce to market and get a fair price for their products.


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