BIODIVERSITY - Six novel interdisciplinary resilience principles emerging from interdisciplinary exchange around post-COVID-19 centres and peripheries


December 7, 2021 - Author: Meredith Root-Bernstein, Alexa Hagerty, François Chironc, , Lara Mani, Harini Nagendra and Catharine Ward Thompson

Doi: 10.1080/14888386.2021.2008271

Urban centres and peripheries shape the texture and quality of everyday life, our ability to coexist with and benefit from nature, the risks we face, and our resiliency (UN 2019). Here we report on lessons we draw as organizers of and presenters at an interdisciplinary, international, and (necessarily) virtual symposium, ‘Centres and Peripheries: Reconfiguring Post-COVID-19 Landscapes’, which took place on 5 February 2021, and was funded by the UK Embassy to France in the context of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP 26). The symposium examined the dynamics emerging between urban and rural, centre and periphery, at global, regional, and landscape scales. Within an international comparative context, the symposium identified solutions and approaches beyond a narrow focus on the ‘smart green city’ to bring new focus on the systems and social, ecological, and physical infrastructures of human habitation.



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