Bramble plant

Brambles - Rubus spp.

Rubus spp.

Rosaceae (Rose family)

Life cycle

Woody perennials.  A plant that lives for more than a year, has hard rather than fleshy stems, and bears buds that survive above ground in winter. Trees, shrubs, many vines, and bamboos are examples of woody perennials.


Alternate, typically compound with three to seven leaflets with toothed margins. Undersides of leaves are white to green.


Arching/trailing stems that root when in contact with the ground to form thickets. Stems have fine bristles or stiff prickles.

Flowers and fruit

Flowers have five usually white petals; may be solitary or in clusters. Fruit are red or black berries with numerous seeds.


Seeds, rooting stems, root sprouts and rhizomes.

Brambles new leaf
Brambles New Leaf
Brambles new fruit
Brambles New Fruit
Brambles stem
Brambles Stem
Bramble leaf underside
Brambles Leaf Underside

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