wild buckwheat

Wild buckwheat – Fallopia convolvulus

Fallopia convolvulus L.

Polygonaceae (Smartweed family)

MI Status


Life cycle

Twining summer annual vine.


Cotyledons are oblong-oval to linear. Leaves are alternate, hairless and heart- to triangle-shaped with a pointed tip and smooth margins.


Twining, herbaceous, smooth vines branch at the base and are less than 3 feet long. A membranous sheath (ocrea) surrounds the stem at the base of each petiole.

Flowers and fruit

Flowers are inconspicuous and green to white or pink. The seed is enclosed in a single-seeded, dull black, three-sided fruit.



Similar weeds

Mile-a-minute (P. perfoliatum L.)
Differs by having downward-pointing prickles on the stems, petioles and leaf veins.
Tartary buckwheat
[Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn.]
Differs by having a more erect habit, arrow-shaped leaves and a grooved, hollow stem.

Wild buckwheat plant
Wild buckwheat plant
Wild buckwheat flowers
Wild buckwheat flower
Wild buckwheat fruit
Wild buckwheat fruit
Wild buckwheat foliage and flowers
Wild buckwheat foliage and flowers

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