Whitlow grass

Whitlow grass - Draba verna L.

Draba verna L.

Brassicaceae family (Mustard family) 

MI Status


Life Cycle



Leaves are arranged in a small rosette.  They are oblong, hairy, and smooth along the edges.  Leaves may have 1 or 2 teeth per side and are blunt to pointed at the tip.   


Flowering stems are leafless and terminate in a small raceme of flowers.  They are wiry, green to purplish, and unbranched.  There can be single or multiple stems emerging from the rosette. 

Flowers and fruit

Flowers consist of 4 white petals that are yellow at the base.  They are cleft half or more in length and give the appearance of 8 petals.  Flowers may be in clusters from 4 to 20.  Fruit is flattened, oblong, and hairless.  The seedpods taper to curved blunt tips.  The seedpods may contain up to 40 golden brown seeds. 



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Draba May2020 ECH
Whitlow grass
Draba whitlow grass April2019 (1)
Flowering whitlow grass next to a U.S. quarter for size comparison
Draba whitlow grass April2019 (3)
Whitlow grass flower
whitlow grass2
Whitlow grass rosette
whitlow grass1
Whitlow grass rosette


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