Chemical Disease Controls for the Greenhouse Industry - 2009 Poster (E2750)


November 11, 2015 - Author: Mary Hausbeck

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The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) requires that chemicals used in the greenhouse must have Worker Protection Standards and list “greenhouse” or “glasshouse” in a location on the label other than the “Agricultural Use Requirements” box.

Any use inconsistent with the label can lead to injury of crops, humans, animals and the environment and can lead to fines and/or condemnation of the crop.

Vegetables include any plants being used as food or that will be transplanted as food crops later.

Always check the label for updated information. Labels change often. Some chemicals listed in this bulletin may be dropped by the manufacturer or distributor after publication of this bulletin. If you have questions about the legality and/or the registration status of pesticides, contact your county Extension office, pesticide dealer or manufacturer.

Do not apply chemicals to plants that are stressed (by water, high temperatures or high humidity) because this increases the possibility of phytotoxicity. Always treat a small portion of plants of each variety with any new chemical (or combination of chemicals) and check them for damage 7 days later — before treating the whole crop. Chemicals that may not cause phytotoxicity when applied by themselves may cause damage when mixed together.


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