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Cold and Hearty Kit

May 15, 2024

Kit Contents and Resources


Spinach: Otaagabi-aniibiish(an)

Peas: Anijiimin(an)

Radish: Wiisagi-jiisens(an)

Broccoli: Mitigoons(ag)

Cabbage: Gichi-aniibiish(an)

Brussels sprouts

Tips and Tricks

  • You can sow (or plant) your cold and hardy gitigaan every two weeks in the beginning and then later in the summer, in order to gain a fall harvest. 
  • This gitigaan kit is made of cool season vegetables, which means you can grow them as early as you can outdoors to get them comfortable in the soil as it naturally warms with the season. 
    • These plants can grow and germinate in soil as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Early spring is a great time to start them.   
  • Kale and spinach have small seed sizes recommended to be planted 1/2 inch deep. Make sure to keep the seeds evenly moist. 
  • Radish bulbs grow beneath the soil, and if planted first, you can mix the kale and spinach seeds together around the radishes. You can also add the broccoli and cabbage transplants around these as well.
    • As the kale and spinach grows around the broccoli and cabbage, you can harvest those greens while the broccoli and cabbage continue to grow to maturity. 
  • Broccoli and cabbage plants mature between 50-80 days, while spinach and kale may be ready to harvest in as few as 30 days. 
  • If receiving these cool season vegetables as plant starts in a greenhouse, it's important to undertake the process of "hardening" them for outdoor growing before directly planting them. Hardening refers to the process of acclimating them to the outdoor conditions; you can begin this process by placing the starts in a partly sunny spot outside for an hour. Then, slowly introduce them to more sun and weather conditions over time before you actually plant them. Directly planting them without hardening first may lead to plant stress. 

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