Cooperative membership and coffee productivity in Rwanda's specialty coffee sector

August 5, 2019 - Author:

Ortega, David L., Bro, Aniseh S., Clay, Daniel C., et al. 2019. Cooperative membership and coffee productivity in Rwanda's specialty coffee sector, 05 July 2019.


This study uses data from 1,024 coffee producing households to address two critical questions regarding the role of cooperatives in Rwanda’s coffee sector: Does cooperative membership increase adoption of best practices and coffee productivity? and do cooperatives improve farm household welfare? Using a propensity score matching technique to account for selection bias, we find that cooperatives are a critical institution for building farmer capacity, promoting adoption of improved technologies and inputs, and increasing productivity. We discuss the role that cooperatives can play in increasing farmer welfare and reestablishing the coffee sector as a pillar of growth in the country.

Tags: aglc, c1-c2, feed the future, feed the future innovation lab for food security policy, food security group, fsp peer reviewed publications, rwanda


David Ortega

David Ortega

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