Event Timeline Template


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Event Timeline Template

Edit this template to fit your event. Create a timeline for each event and reuse from year to year as applicable.

4-6 months before event or more depending on size of event


Target Date

Completion Date

Create Event Plan

·       Who, What, Why, When

·       Goals

·       Connection to Plan of Work

·       Financial Limitations



Create a Budget

·       Budget Tips and Tricks and Things to Consider: Go to the website



Select Venue

·       RFP

·       Contract negotiation

·       Signed Contract



Book Speakers

·       Speakers above $600 require PSC (Link)

·       May book before venue if speaker is more critical than date or location



Create Preliminary Agenda of Event



Post your event on the MSU Extension events calendar

·       Post early and include preliminary information and update once details are finalized

·       https://www.canr.msu.edu/eventservices/training-materials/post-events-in-dotcms



Create Sponsor Packages If needed

·       Create system for tracking sponsorships



Send Potential Sponsors Materials



Do a run through of selected venue if you are unfamiliar



2-4 months before event or more depending on size of event


Target Date

Completion Date

Create Promotional Materials

·       The marketing checklist provides a list of possible communication and promotional tactics that can be used.

·       https://www.canr.msu.edu/resources/msu-extension-marketing-checklist



Build and Open Registration System



Send Promotional materials to potential participants



Contact caterers or facility to select menus



Determine AV requirements

·       Plan with facility or others to ensure needs are met



Determine Set up requirements

·       Work with facility or others to ensure needs are met

·       How do you want the tables and chairs?

·       What facilitation materials are needed?

·       Internet?

·       Access to Power?

·       Sound?



1-2 months before event or more depending on size of event


Target Date

Completion Date

Double Check that all Contracts are signed and returned



Review Speaker assignments and Needs

·       Make sure there is someone from the committee assigned to host each presenter/speaker if there are multiple speakers

·       Determine the needs of the speakers – computer, projector, sound, microphone, etc.




Review Menus and setups – make sure they still work based on current registrations



Monitor and manage registration list

·       Double check to ensure payments have been made

·       Email billings to balance dues to try to collect all money before event

·       Cancel duplicates

·       Answer participant questions



Start Assembling Materials

·       Educational Materials

·       Folders (if needed)

·       Create nametag template

·       Agendas

·       Invoices/paid receipts

·       Other materials



Do a final run through of the facility

·       Check on best layout for meals

·       Check for enough electrical outlets

·       Plan where you want registration

·       Let facility know who VIP’s / Speakers are if appropriate

·       Confirm Guest List with Hotel if needed



10 to 15 Days Before Event


Target Date

Completion Date

Create Checklist of what you need to pack for event (keep adding to it as event gets closer)

·       Start creating a pile of things that need to go with you in one spot

·       Start tracking registrations each day canceling duplicates, double checking payments



Create Supply Box:

·       Tape

·       Scissors

·       Pens

·       Sharpie Markers

·       Thumb Tacks

·       Sticky notes

·       Memory stick

·       Pins

·       Stapler, staples

·       Paper

·       Receipt books

·       Batteries

·       Anything else you might need




Create hot list of critical phone numbers



Create any signage needed for event




3 Days Before Event


Target Date

Completion Date

Create Master Notebook

·       Run Registration List

·       Run Balance Due List

·       Run copy of invoices by number

·       Copy of all materials

·       Check list

·       Copy of All Contracts

·       Any detail lists or reports to make each section function



Make Name Tags (put with folders)



Make stickers for tops of folders if needed – with name and information of participants



Print Invoices (alpha order) and put in folders



Turn in Guarantee’s to facility (usually this is at the 3 business days before event time)



Get Cash to make change if needed



Reconfirm with speakers or if you have hosts touch base with hosts to ensure everything is all set with speakers



Send Participant names to speakers if needed



Type instructions for staff to work registrations or other stations (do a walk through in your head and add lots of details)



Get presentations from the speakers, if possible, to preload them on the computer.



1 Day Before Event


Target Date

Completion Date

Pack all materials



Pack extra packets, name badges, etc.



Double check registration list and balance dues – update any invoices, etc.



If possible, go over instructions with volunteers - best if done onsite



Double check to do list – and make sure everything pre-event is complete



Walk through event in your head think about challenges and solutions – make a list so if they arise you can quickly refer to the list to address it



Preload any presentations onto the computer.



Days of Event (especially day 1)


Target Date

Completion Date

Unload everything and check in with hotel/facility staff

·       Ask for business cards or contact numbers



Get out your master notebook and follow your checklist



Set up registration area



Set up presentation rooms



Welcome guests and handle registrations

·       Accept payments

·       Make note of those paying to follow up after event

·       Answer questions as needed



Help speakers get set and comfortable with room



Ensure all necessary AV equipment is in place and functioning correctly.



Run through each day in your head think about challenges and what solutions exist



Double check that everything is set for each transition at least one hour before the transition happens to make sure everything is set



After the Event


Target Date

Completion Date

Follow up on Balance Dues



Send out evaluation if not done onsite



Write thank you letters to speakers and others who need thank you letters



Pay invoices



Finish Budget with actuals



Synthesize evaluations



Complete PEARS and any additional reporting requirements



Be sure to add to your check list anything you think you might have missed so you have it for next year



Be sure to put your master notebook for next year




Contact: ANR Event Services, events@anr.msu.edu,  (517) 353-3175


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