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MSU Extension Marketing Checklist


September 17, 2020 - Author: Communications

Below is a list of possible marketing and communication tactics to consider when marketing your event and/or program. Tactics are listed in the recommended order of approach for most events. (Rev. 9-2020)

Post on MSU Extension calendar

  • Individual event coordinators are responsible for posting their own events to the calendar, regardless of which registration system they are using.


  • As soon as the date is determined. 
  • Add additional details to event page as needed and as additional details become available.

Post event on community/partner calendars

  • Events that are open to the public can be shared on community calendars.
  • Ask partners to post information on their calendar. 
  • If there are organizations or locations where event clientele are likely to be, post there. 


  • As soon as the date is determined. 
  • Include a link to your MSU Extension calendar listing so people will have access to all the latest information as additional details become solidified.

Send a save the date

  • Can be electronic (via email or social media) or print. 
  • Recipients could be past attendees, attendees of a similar program, individuals who could benefit from the program or those who have indicated interest in that type of programming.


  • Statewide events: As soon as date is determined.
  • Regional/local events: As soon as date and location have been determined.



  • At least two months in advance of when you want to begin using video for promotion.

Write a news article or event/program announcement

  • Define: who benefits from participating or might be interested, why it is important, where, when and cost.
  • Could write multiple articles/releases: introduction/save the date, announcing registration, featured subjects/speakers and approaching deadline reminders. The program & event announcement template may be a useful tool to assist.
  • Can be used to directly market to individuals for whom you have contact information (print or electronic).


  • Dependent on type of article/release
    • Save the date release: As soon as dates and location information is available. 
    • Registration: As soon as a date and method of registration are available.
    • Registration deadline: At least one week before.
    • Announcement of new program: When information is ready for dissemination.
    • Reminders of existing programs/resources:

Request customized or placement in MSU Extension News Digests 


  • One week before the end of the month that the article was published.
  • One week or more before close of registration/event date.
  • Periodic reminders for programs/resources.

Social media 


  • Can post multiple times; determine minimum timelines based off news article/release timeline.
  • Make sure to follow best practices for social media use.
  • Periodic reminders for programs/resources.

Other promotional materials 


  • Once registration is available.
  • Periodic reminders for programs/resources.

Other organizational communication outlets

  • Consider marketing tools of associated organizations: commodity/trade magazines, e-newsletters such as Michigan 4-H Today, county newsletters, partner websites, etc.


  • Ask partner organization for deadline — typically a minimum of 30 days in advance.
  • Periodic reminders for programs/resources.


Cross program/event promotion

  • Distribute some sort of promotional material and/or discuss event/program to attendees of a similar event/program.


  • At related event/program.
  • Periodic reminders for programs/resources.

Evaluation tools 

  • Before and after assessments to determine impact.
  • Collect information on marketing outlets.


  • At event/program.

Impact statements  

  • Can be used as a wrap-up or for use in next year’s event/program promotion.


  • After event/program.
  • Get or record a great testimonial for future use.


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