Geographies of Labor on Myanmar’s Marine Resource Frontier


December 5, 2017 - Author: , Melissa Marschke, and Peter Vandergeest

Ben Belton, Michigan State; Melissa Marschke, University of Ottawa; Peter Vandergeest, York University
Geographies of Labor on Myanmar’s Marine Resource Frontier

Agrifood XXIV Conference
Bandung, Indonesia, December 5, 2017


  • Conjuncture of regional integration, flows of capital, labor, goods, climatic events, drive expansion of fisheries frontier outward
  • As frontier expands, demands for labor become greater, disembedded from communities
  • Migrant labor face in off-shore fisheries arduous and sometimes exploitative working conditions
  • Fish stocks decline sharply
  • Need for mechanisms to improve labor conditions (pressure in Thailand has been effective, but linked to EU access –not currently relevant for Myanmar);
  • Need for better fisheries management


Tags: fish, fisheries, fisheries management, fsg presentations, fsp presentations, myanmar, value chain analysis, youth employment / entrepreneurship

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