Guide to Promoting Productive Policy Dialogue in the Agricultural Sector


December 2, 2016 - Author: Nicholas Sitko

Nicholas Sitko. 2016. Guide to Promoting Productive Policy Dialogue in the Agricultural Sector. Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research Paper 37. East Lansing: Michigan State University

The importance of effective and appropriate policies in achieving broader development objectives through agriculture is increasingly being recognized by national governments, development agencies, and supranational institutions. Despite increasing attention to improving the quality of agricultural policy discussions and decision-making, in many ways these efforts are proceeding in the absence of a systematic strategy for how to achieve this. This paper provides a practical guide for applied policy researchers and other stakeholders engaged in agricultural policy reform in developing countries. It draws on a case study from Zambia to provide a set of tools and strategies to improve the effectiveness of policy engagement. This guide consolidates years of practical experiences with agricultural policy dialogue and change garnered primarily through Michigan State University’s collaborative research and policy programs in sub-Saharan Africa.


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