Land surface phenology as an indicator of biodiversity patterns


February 1, 2016 - Author: Andrés Viña, Wei Liu, Shiqiang Zhou, Jinyan Huang,

Journal or Book Title: Ecological Indicators

Keywords: Biodiversity; Floristic similarity; Image fusion; Landsat; MODIS; Phenologic similarity; Spectral vegetation indices; Visible atmospherically; resistant index

Volume/Issue: 64

Page Number(s): 281-288

Year Published: 2016

With the rapid decline in biodiversity worldwide it is imperative to develop procedures for assessing changes in biodiversity across space. The synoptic view provided by imaging remote sensors constitutes a suitable approach for analyzing biodiversity from local to regional scales. A procedure based on the close relationship between floristic similarity and the similarity in land surface phenology was recently developed and successfully applied to assess diversity patterns using time series imagery acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS). However, as it depends on high temporal resolution remotely sensed data (e.g., MODIS), the procedure is constrained by the coarse spatial resolution characterizing these high temporal resolution data. Using an optimized technique for image fusion, we combined high temporal resolution data acquired by the MODIS sensor system with moderate spatial resolution data acquired by the Landsat TM/ETM+ sensor systems. Our results show that the MODIS/Landsat data fusion allows the characterization of land surface phenology at higher spatial resolutions, which better corresponded with information acquired within vegetation survey plots established in temperate montane forests located in Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China. As such, the procedure is useful for capturing changes in biodiversity induced by disturbances operating at large spatial scales and constitutes a suitable tool for monitoring and managing biodiversity.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2016.01.007

Type of Publication: Journal Article


Tags: biodiversity, center for systems integration and sustainability, floristic similarity, image fusion, landsat, modis, phenologic similarity, resistant index, spectral vegetation indices, visible atmospherically



Jianguo "Jack" Liu

Andres Vina

Andres Vina

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