NATURE FOOD - Landscape products for sustainable agricultural landscapes


October 18, 2022 - Author: María García-Martín, L. Huntsinger, M. Ibarrola-Rivas, M. Penker, U. D'Ambrosio, T. Dimopoulos, M. Fernández-Giménez, T. Kizos, J. Muñoz-Rojas, O. Saito, K. immerer, D. Abson, , C. Quintas-Soriano, I. Sørensen, Peter Verburg, Tobias Plieninger


Landscape products link to low-input practices and traditional ecological knowledge, and have multiple functions supporting human well-being and sustainability. Here we explore seven landscape products worldwide to identify these multiple functions in the context of food commodification and landscape sustainability. We show that a landscape products lens can improve food systems by fostering sustainability strategies and standards that are place-sensitive, and as such can mitigate conflicts related to food production, social justice and the environment. Co-management strategies and information policies, such as certification, labelling, product information and raising of awareness could accelerate, incentivize and catalyse actions to support landscape products in the context of sustainability strategies.




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