redstem filaree

Redstem filaree – Erodium cicutarium

Erodium cicutarium (L.) L’Hér. ex Ait.

Geraniaceae (Geranium family)

MI Status


Life cycle

Prostrate, fernlike winter annual or biennial.


Leaves are hairy and compound with deeply cut leaflets that give a featherlike or fernlike appearance. Leaves initially develop from a dense basal rosette and stem leaves are opposite and sparse. Leaves usually have a grayish tinge.


Hairy, semierect stems arise from a prostrate, basal rosette.

Flowers and fruit

Pink or purple flowers with five petals are found clustered at the ends of long stalks. Fruit are long, beaklike capsules with five sections; each section contains a seed with a spirally twisted, corkscrew tail at maturity.



Redstem filaree rosette
Redstem filaree rosette
Redstem filaree seed
Redstem filaree seed
Redstem filaree flower
Redstem filaree flower
Redstem filaree flowers and fruit
Redstem filaree flower cluster

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