Some Roots of Terrorism


November 1, 2002 - Author: Paul R. Ehrlich,

Journal or Book Title: Population and Environment

Keywords: terrorism; population structure; consumption; poverty; aid

Volume/Issue: 24/2

Page Number(s): 183-192

Year Published: 2002

Although various hypotheses about the causes of terrorism have been proposed, a number of important factors have been largely ignored. Geopolitics, especially rich-world attempts to control oil, help incite terrorist attacks on the rich by people from developing countries. But demographic and socioeconomic factors, especially poverty, inequality and large numbers of young men facing dim economic prospects, also are likely contributors to such terrorism. We show that those factors will not ameliorate soon without determined effort. Developed nations, particularly the United States, could help reduce terrorism by controlling over-consumption and increasing carefully targeted aid to developing nations.

Type of Publication: Journal Article



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