Rural-Urban Migration around Yangon City, Myanmar


December 1, 2016 - Kyan Htoo and A Myint Zu

Kyan Htoo and A Myint Zu, 2016, Rural-Urban Migration around Yangon City, Myanmar, Food Security Policy Myanmar Project Research Highlight 5. East Lansing: Michigan State University

Labor migration is a pervasive feature of life in contemporary Myanmar, but has been the subject of only limited research to date. Furthermore, most of this work has focused on international migrants, leaving internal migration comparatively understudied. This brief addresses this gap by exploring the characteristics of migrants and migration in four townships (Kayan, Maubin, Nyaungdon, and Twantay) located close to Myanmar’s primate city, Yangon. For comparative purposes, a representative sample of 1102 households was interviewed in May 2016, in two groups of village tracts: an aquaculture cluster characterized by high concentrations of fish farms, and agriculture cluster, where crop farming is the predominant agricultural activity.


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