Strengthening the Evidence for Agricultural Policy Decisions in Nigeria: A Training on Cost-Benefit Analysis


June 1, 2023 - Author: B. A. Sule

One of the goals of the Nigeria Agriculture Policy Activity (NAPA) is to enhance national capacity of Nigerians to generate, analyze information, and formulate evidence-based policy options for consideration by decision makers and stakeholders within the agriculture sector. In line with this objective, a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) training was organized for relevant stakeholders within Kebbi State’s Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) as well as select commodity associations in the state.

CBA is an analytical tool that provides the framework and relevant information for decision making by ascertaining the extent to which benefits from an intervention exceed investment costs and implementation. Aside from supporting viability assessment and distributional analysis of allotment to each participating stakeholder within the enterprise value chain, CBA principally facilitates selection among alternative investment projects. Thus, the CBA training was mounted to bridge capacity gaps in observed enterprise investment analysis among agricultural sector stakeholders for engagement with policy and decision makers. The training will further enhance efficient allocation of scarce resources in the light of dwindling public revenue, while enhancing project sustainability for improved livelihood among the rural poor agrarian households in Kebbi State.


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