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Supporting Michigan's Future through Community, Food & Environment Programming: 2023 Impacts


April 22, 2024 - Audrey Gagner,


MSU Extension educators work with businesses, local governments and communities to improve local economies and the lives of Michigan residents. MSU Extension educators also provide programming aimed at protecting and sustainably managing our state's natural resources.

  • 822 certifications obtained by individuals or businesses that allowed continued or expanded work.
  • 10,587 participants used ecosystem-based management strategies in their resource management decision making.
  • 9,326 government officials who use what they learned in making decisions.
  • 1,456 stewardship projects completed by participants across programs.
  • 347 jobs created or retained as a result of MSU Extension programming.
  • 225,623 acres of land protected, enhanced, restored, or managed sustainably with MSU Extension assistance. 
  • 223 new leadership roles and opportunities created.
  • 27 new businesses created.
  • 128 plans or policies developed. 

Dollar value of community, food & environment activities

  • $874,659: Value of volunteer hours (Independent Sector at $31.80 per hour).
  • $11,235,170: Value of resources leveraged by businesses. 
  • $5,415,950: Value of grants and resources leveraged or generated by communities. 

Program Activities

  • 62,275+ Participants from across Michigan
  • 1,270 Programs offered over 7,484 hours of programming
  • 38,509 Direct consultation sessions
  • 121 Community partnerships



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