The impact of COVID-19 and associated shocks on agri-food SMEs along the poultry and fish value chains in Abuja (FCT), Nigeria


January 1, 2021 - Aisha Aliyu Muhammad, L. Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie, Ben Belton, Oyinkan Tasie, Thomas Reardon and Osawe Wellington

Key Messages:

  • Lockdown policies in Abuja severely restricted the operations of SMEs in the midstream and downstream of the poultry and fish value chains

  • While the impacts of the restrictions appear to be temporary for non-small businesses generally, we find some evidence of longer-term effects on small businesses in the midstream

  • The Covid-19 lockdown policies significantly affected firm employment decisions with important differences between male and female owned enterprises. While employment by male owned businesses appear to have partially recovered, employment levels remain extremely low among female owned enterprises

  • Very few SMEs received any assistance to support their response to COVID-19 and the few that did only received assistance from friends and family


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