The impact of COVID-19 and associated shocks on agri-food SMEs along the poultry and fish value chains in Oyo State


January 1, 2021 - Iveren J. Abagyeh-Igbudu, L. Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie, Ben Belton, Oyinkan Tasie, Thomas Reardon, Osawe Wellington

Key messages:

  • Though Oyo state did not implement a full lockdown in response to COVID-19, SMEs in the state were still significantly impacted by disruptions to their input and output supply chains, largely due to their interdependence on other states for inputs, output markets and other supporting services.

  • The challenges firms faced in Oyo state changed from supply chain disruptions (due to lockdown in other states) to financial challenges due to lower demand and increased default in payment among customers and the increase sales on credit adopted by SMEs in response to the early challenges with market access.

  • Only three percent (3%) of the study sample received any assistance. Of those who received any assistance, 100% of it was from their social networks and not government.


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