The impact of COVID-19 and other shocks on Agri Food SMEs along the poultry and fish value chains in Rivers State


January 10, 2021 - Hudu, Muhammad. I., L. Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie, Ben Belton, Oyinkan Tasie, Thomas Reardon and Osawe Wellington

Key Messages:

  • Though there was a significant decline in mobility during the lockdown in Rivers Sate, the average number of days on which surveyed businesses operated each week did not change significantly.

  • COVID-19 and associated policies saw a post lockdown shift from use of regular salaried labor to temporary hired daily wage workers, particularly for small businesses.

  • The share of SMEs facing challenges increased significantly before the Rivers State lockdown but at the time that lockdowns were instituted in other states in Nigeria that are important sources of inputs or output market.

  • Little assistance was received by surveyed businesses and those who received any assistance received such assistance from family or friends and not government.


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