Things to know for 2022 4-H Exploration Days

Things to Know for 4-H Exploration Days


Things to Know for 4-H Exploration Days
1. Everyone is expected to abide by the 4-H Code of Conduct & Exploration Days rules.
The event rules and expectations and more detailed information on the event are in the
4-H Exploration Days Handbook at Parents/guardians
may wish to keep a copy handy to access the emergency contact pages.
2. We ask that if you are sick to remain home instead of attending 4-H Exploration Days. If
you become sick during your time at the event, a parent/guardian or trusted adult will
need to pick you up and take you home.
3. Knowing and following the event rules and expectations, found in the Handbook, is
required. You must attend the sessions for which you pre-registered and be on time.
Session absences are reported to the county. Informing your chaperone of where you
are, outside of sessions, is also a requirement.
4. Check your email for event communication and bring any items needed for your
sessions (many sessions require closed toed shoes, long sleeves, athletic clothes or
clothes that can get grubby) and bring things to be ready for the weather (raincoat,
umbrella, sweatshirt).
5. Each county has a male and female Lead Chaperone. The Lead Chaperone serves as
head chaperones for the county. There are also often other chaperones within a county
group. Adults also serve as session and activity hosts and are available to assist you.
6. Each youth will be assigned to a specific chaperone to whom they are accountable.
Youth participants and the assigned adult chaperone need to keep each other informed
of where they will be, when and with whom. All chaperones will create a system to
ensure all parties know where they are. This could be using Whereabouts Schedules
posted on residence hall doors, group texting or another method that lets all parties
know where people are.
7. The event General Headquarters is in West Holmes Lounge. The phone number is
517-432-2635 and is listed at the bottom of the name badges. This number can be used
for phone calls or text messages. For night time assistance, contact the West Holmes
night receptionist at 517-353-6360 and ask to speak with the 4-H Exploration Day. The
night receptionist number can only be called.
8. Check-in time is Wednesday, 8 to 11 a.m. on your assigned wing of the residence hall
(east, west,). You will connect with your Lead Chaperone to check-in.
9. At check-in you’ll receive a room key, conference card, Activity Guide, T-shirt, name
badge and lanyard. Linen packets (2 sheets, 2 towels & pillow case) will already be in
your assigned room. You’ll need to put the bedding on your bed so you might want to
practice at home if this is new!
10. Wear your name badge in a visible place (around your neck) at all times (except while
you’re sleeping of course!) Your name badge admits you to activities and identifies you
as a 4-H Exploration Days participant.
11. Keep your key attached to your lanyard and put your conference card inside your name
badge holder (or other secure place). Lost fee charges are $75 for keys, $10 for
conference cards. If you lose these but find them soon afterward, return them to the
State 4-H office by July 1 and you won’t be charged.
12. The Activity Guide lists where and when everything is being held and includes a campus
map with a building index. There is only one shuttle bus so space is extremely limited;
please walk to your destinations as much as possible. You can view the Activity Guide
on-line before the event at:


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