Value-chain transformation

June 1, 2019 - Author: Ricardo Hernandez, Ben Belton, , Chaoran Hu, Xiaobo Zhang, and Akhter Ahmed

Hernandez, R., Belton, B., Reardon, T. A., Hu, C., Zhang, X., & Ahmed, A. (2019). Value chain transformation. IFPRI book chapters, 31-56.


Third, there has been rapid diversification of farmed fish composition. This involved a shift from traditional carps to introduced species (tilapia and pangas) that lend themselves better than carp to intensification through higher stocking densities combined with the use of manufactured feeds. This is an example of what economics terms the “product cycle,” which has not been studied in Asia as an evolution in the market. Fourth, far less studied is a rapid transformation of the structure of domestic aquaculture VCs in Asia, shown by our survey results for Bangladesh. As the sector expanded, rapid commercialization and diversification of species occurred, and there was a proliferation of upstream and downstream VC actors and in some cases concentration among them.


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