Adult Online Learning Resources


Integrated Pest Management Academy

Beginning Farmer Webinar Series

Field Crops Virtual Breakfasts

Farm Employee University: Employees

Hop Production in Midwest and Eastern North America

Greenhouse Online College of Knowledge - offers a range of online classes which include both English and Spanish instruction in Greenhouse and Horticulture Lighting, Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers and Floriculture Root Zone Management. 

My Horse University - offers a wide range of online classes in both English and Spanish focused on the care and management of horses. 

Equine Business Course 

4-H Horse Judges Online Course

Pollinator Champions Online Course - Can be taken for free as an enrichment course or for a fee for certification. 


Citizen Planner Online

Supporting Local Food Councils

Food Safety Training for Food Service Workers

Michigan Cottage Food Law

Home and Family

Smart Gardening with Vegetables 101 Online Course

Smart Gardening Tip Sheets

Food Preservation

RELAX - Alternatives to Anger

Natural Resources

Climate Change Academy 101

Conservation Stewards Program

Introduction to Lakes