Research and Publications

Ongoing research

  • Climate Literacy, Training, and Assistance
  • Product and Carbon Traceability Throughout the Wood Products Supply Chain
  • Economic Contribution of Biomass power plants in northeastern and Midwest region.
  • Economic Tradeoffs in Timber Products Under Various Carbon Management Strategies
  • Survey of Logging Businesses in Michigan
  • Potential Supply and Demand of Mass Timber in Midwest
  • Low value wood and slash (feedstock) availability for biochar production 
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of biochar production 
  • Building Woodshed maps (procurement zones) using wood products market

Competed Study since 2022

  • Biomass (feedstock) availability for a bioenergy powerplants in Michigan
  • Analysis of location, feedstock availability, and economic contributions of a mass timber manufacturing plant in Michigan
  • Forest Carbon Inventory and Modeling Needs Assessment


Journal Articles

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