Forest Resource Economics (FRE) Lab



The Forest Resource Economics (FRE) lab conducts research and extension work related to natural resource management and economics, focusing on traditional and emerging forest products to help improve supply chain and circular bioeconomy, mitigate and respond to climate change, disturbances, and human impacts.

If you think your research interests align with ours, please contact Dr. Pokharel.

FRE Lab is managed by Dr. Raju Pokharel and supported by Dr. Jagdish Poudel. 


Raju Pokharel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Forest Resource Economics



I am a Natural Resource Economist interested in Forest Economics and Management. My research focuses on forest product utilization, supply chain, and modelling. 


  • Multiple Use of Natural Resources
  • Forest Product supply Chain
  • Forest products industry, market, and circular bioeconomy
  • Non-Traditional Forest Products (such as Biochar and Mass Timber)
  • Ecosystem services and conservation banking
  • Recreation 


  • PhD Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, USA; 2006
  • MBA Business Administration, University of Sunderland, UK; 2011
  • MS and BS Environmental Sciences, Tribhuvan University, Nepal; 2007, 2005

Check out Dr. Pokharel's MSU Faculty Profile | Google Scholar | ResearchGate | LinkedIn