Raju Pokharel

Raju Pokharel

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Assistant Professor, Forest Resource Economics
Department of Forestry



Ph.D. Forest Resources (2016)
Mississippi State University,
Mississippi, United States

MBA (2011)
University of Sunderland
London, United Kingdom

MS Environmental Sciences (2007)
BS Environmental Sciences (2005)
Tribhuvan University,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Natural Resource Economics and Social Sciences lab


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Dr. Raju Pokharel earned his Ph.D. in Forest Resources from Mississippi State University, MS, and BS in Environmental Sciences from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. His research focuses on forest product supply chain and market models, feedstock availability, resource utilization, and forest carbon. His current work includes evaluating and developing market opportunities for mass timber, bioenergy, and biochar, assessing the economic tradeoff of timber products under carbon management strategies, and extension and outreach on forest carbon markets and payments. He teaches Forest Resources Economics and Forest Management Planning. Dr. Pokharel manages the Forest Economics Lab  which supports research, teaching, and extension related to the socioeconomics of forestry.


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