FOR 462 Forest Resource Economics and Management Semester

  • Semester: Spring of every year
  • Credits: Total Credits: 4   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 3   Lab Hours: 2
  • Prerequisite: EC 201 and completion of Tier I writing requirement and MTH 124 or MTH 132 and STT 201 or STT 224 or STT 231 or STT 421 
  • Restrictions: Not open to freshmen or sophomores.
  • Description: Economic concepts, analytical techniques, computer simulation/forecasting models, and geographic information systems to assess economic and ecological impacts of resource management decisions at a range of spatial and temporal scales. Geospatial tools, multiple ownerships. Individual forest stands to complex multi-use landscape scales.
  • Effective Dates: SPRING 2020 - OpenFOR462

FOR 335 Business Innovation Toward a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Previous name: FOR 335  Socioeconomics of Sustainable Bioproducts

  • Semester: Fall of every year
  • Credits: Total Credits: 3   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 3
  • Recommended Background: FOR 212 
  • Restrictions: Not open to freshmen.
  • Description: Role of forest bioproducts in developing sustainable communities. Resource planning and availability for value added bioproducts.    Bioproducts supply-chains  analysis and principles of life cycle implementation. 
  • Effective Dates: FALL 2021 - Open 

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Past Courses

SOE 484 Forest Management and Planning (Lecturer) : Washington State University, Pullman, WA

NRS 383 Natural Resource Economics (2 weeks guest lectures): University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

FO 4113/6113 Forest Resource Economics (Teaching Assistant): Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MI