2023 Making It In Michigan Value Added Agriculture Award: Fat Baby Hot Sauce

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

We're a farm to bottle of hot sauce company we manufacturer right here in Grand Rapids. And we grow all of these peppers, eventually will be up at our farm and glad when Michigan, this is our second year. We came to the Michigan State product Center for advice on on entering the food space. We just, we've never been in this space. That's our third startup, but our first one kinda centered in this area. And the folks there really helped us chase down what we needed, what was important, what we needed to get figured out so that when we went forward and we're ready to go to market, everything was in place, are points of differentiation, are farmed a bottle, right? So it's coming right from the field fresh right to the bottom. We don't ferment. That's not our flavor, right? We got very tired of asking at breakfast, Do you have any hot sauce? And they would say, the two big ones that you know, and we decided, hey, that's not cutting it. So I think the way we approach flavors from a food first aspect lets us both shaped the way that we're making our sauce. Meaning we're being conscious of a culinary aspect behind what people might use it on. And four, in the kitchen, as well as how does that food influenced the flavors we want to taste in the sauce in the first place, right? So a lot of our sauces are mimics us is designed to be kind of thoughtful recreations of something that we love. We want to make sure that this stuff is still what we're doing it for, right? This sauce is what we are doing it for. But where we're going is we want to make sure that at least currently in the next five years, when, when people think of Michigan hot sauce, this is the number one thing that comes to their mind. My name is Nate Marin. We're so excited to be receiving the value added Award for the making it in Michigan Conference and trade show. Thank you. Michigan State University Extension and the MSU product center.