Eat Healthy Be Active in American Sign Language Promotion

June 4, 2021

Eat Healthy Be Active is a course offered by Michigan State University Extension for limited resource audiences. Sandria Graham teaches the course in American Sign Language. Watch for more information and to see participant testimonials.

Eat Healthy Be Active is a nutrition program that is delivered by Michigan State University Extension. It is funded by USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Video Transcript

Sandria Graham:

Hello, are you interested in taking a nutrition course but can’t attend a live session? Michigan State University Extension has the course for you!

My name is Sandria Graham and I work as Community Nutrition Instructor. I teach a series 6-lesson online nutrition course in American Sign Language called Eat Healthy Be Active. The course is video-based, so you don’t have to attend a live Zoom meeting.

All of the videos are in ASL and closed captioned. The 6 lessons include transcripts and handouts to read. It will be good for hard of hearing or anyone who is hearing. You can save it as a file or print it if you want.

Each lesson takes about an hour. You can finish all lessons within 1-2 weeks or take up to 8 weeks to complete the course. You have plenty of time for your convenience. You can access the course anytime with 24/7.

I am also available to check in with you if you have questions.

If you are interesting to register, please let me know via email at, call me at 248-381-3101, or Facebook private message.

For more information, please see attached flyer image or see it under my video.

I will send you registration instructions. If you have login problems, we will help you.

If you did register before, you are still welcome. I hope to see you there.

Please see testimonies who joined Eat Healthy Be Active course. Thank you for watching me.

Nicole Faino:

Hi! My name is Nicole Faino, my sign name is [signed name]. I want to comment on my experience with this ASL course for the MSU Nutrition program under Sandria Graham.

I enjoyed, really understood, learned a lot about my food plate, with how many servings each of vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy, etc. and how to reduce sodium intake, how to reduce carbs, how to replace salt with spices and make food flavorful and not bland, how to include exercises along with a nutrition plan.

One great thing about is there are ASL videos to help us to understand the handouts and even for the recipes! Nice and benefited! I am so glad I took this course, looking forward to upcoming more courses.and thank you Sandria! Bye!


Hello, I am Vicky. This is for Eat Healthy, Be Active. The instructor's name is Sandria Graham. She is a Community Nutrition Instructor.

Now really, I learned from her 6 lessons online. Wow, there are lots of good information. Some of the lessons I never knew but I learned something new. It was good. Also, there have attached handouts like I have printed handouts. But some of those I already knew the information so I didn't need to print it. Some information was new so I need to print them, and I can read them over again.

Recipes and labels food to buy something and read the label. Sandria explains clear with ASL to following what the lesson says. She was great at sign language and good explanations.

Also, she showed cool exercise videos. It was very good. I never know some of them and I learned. I like it and feel comfortable with the way she shows exercises.

Also, there have questions if you need to ask questions, you post them online. They will answer your questions. Also, They have discussions and have zoom meetings. Depends on which day she prefers. It was nice.

Also, the first time I couldn't get in. There was a technology issue that I couldn't get through, but Sandria was willing to help me and tried to figure out why. I finally got a login.

I got on moving. It was perfect. If you have a problem with technology, she will help you.

I think that is all. You will enjoy online if you will take the courses.

Good. Eat Healthy, Be Active. Keep moving... Thumb up! Thank you.

Nancy Wyman:

Hi, I am Nancy Wyman. I took ASL 6 course videos “Eat Healthy Be Active” made by Sandy Graham. She is a Community Nutrition Instructor. Also, she is Deaf.

She made exceptional nutrition videos of six courses with important information to help you to get better in health and manage weight control.

I found these courses very impressive. It helped me to understand a way of eating that is right for me, one that supports my physical activities and allows me to maintain a healthy weight and reduce my risk for chronic diseases.

From her videos, Sandy will teach you about low fats, sodium, and sugar. Also, the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.

She does her exercises on her videos. If you plan to sign up, the 6 courses should take an hour a day and finish within 6 days.

Remember that they are ALL ASL or you can read their materials online. Whichever works best for you.

I hope you will sign up for these videos. It will help you understand healthy nutrition. Maybe it will change your lifestyle.

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