Exploring Organic – Additional Certification Options

Hear from three Michigan farmers about why they chose to pursue various certifications in addition to USDA Organic for their farm, how the certification experience has been, and what the certification has meant for their farm and marketing efforts.

Speakers: Nate Lada of Green Things Farm in Ann Arbor discusses the Real Organic Project and Vanessa Frias of Willowbrook Farms in Cassopolis discusses Animal Welfare Approved and Regenerative Certification through A Greener World. Additionally, Third Leaf Farm in Greenville was shared as an example of a Ecocert Regenerative Organic Certification.

This recorded webinar took place on April 26, 2024 as part of the Organic Certification and Recordkeeping Webinar Series put on by the Michigan Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP). TOPP is funded by the USDA Organic Transition Initiative.