MI AG Today interview on the MSU Managing Farm Stress project

May 1, 2023

Discussion on the the stressors and challenges that farmers face and the impact they can have on their mental health. Dr. Remington Rice, an Extension Educator in Health & Farm Stress at Michigan State University, emphasizes the importance of managing stress and highlights the resources available through the MSU Managing Farm Stress program, including teletherapy and financial resources. However, he notes that many farmers are hesitant to seek help for their mental health. The article includes a testimonial from a farmer who used the teletherapy program and found it to be life-changing. Online resources are available, and a video interview with a farmer who used the program is also provided.

Read the article here: https://www.michiganagtoday.com/mental-health-resources-from-land-grants-can-save-lives/