MSU Tollgate Farm Follow the Nutrient Trail: Chickens and the Nutrient Cycle

August 12, 2020

Visit MSU Tollgate Farm and explore the nutrient cycle on the farm and the role that our chickens play.  Check out our journal page to follow along with the video here

This video is part of Follow the Nutrient Trail, an interactive virtual series that guides students to answer the question: How do plants and animals depend on other living things to help them survive? Join us October 8, 15, 22, 29 & November 5: 3:30 p.m. EST as we follow the nutrient trail of consumers, producers, and decomposers as we meet our goats, chickens, and red wiggler friends, the worms! Visiting the garden, greenhouse, orchard, and animal barn, students will investigate how plants depend on animals and insects for their survival and how the energy of the sun and nutrients travel through the nutrient cycle. Students will interact with Tollgate Farm staff as they question, hypothesize, experiment, analyze data, conclude and question again through hands-on STEAM challenges. Designed for learners in grades 3-5. Financial aid process available. Register here. Want information on more programs like this?  Check out our school and community programs page. For questions about this program or scheduling another educational program, please email Ellen Koehler.

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