Recording A Virtual Club Meeting

April 29, 2021

In this short video, you will learn about best practices and policies around if you should record a virtual club meeting.
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Video Transcript

BRAD: Thanks Felicity and Jan for meeting with me. I want to discuss a couple of ideas and topics that came up with for each members and families. We had some family say they cannot join the meeting and want us to record them. I was thinking it might not be best, but wanted to check. FELICITY: I agree with you, Brad. We know that with face-to-face programs, everyone cannot attend everything in 4-H, we are helping develop life skills for our youth. That includes scheduling, time management, and responsibility. With face-to-face events. We don't get recordings of things we miss. And with many virtual offerings, it can be hard to watch recordings. The interaction and relationship building is lost with the recording. JAN: Good point. I know we want our members to feel, say, to learn, ask questions and be themselves. And they might not if they know they're being recorded too. BRAD: I agree. I'm thinking that we might be able to, as volunteers with signed media releases, record some small segments and share directly with our club members. A few teens wanted to record educational content too, and with signed media releases and a plan, we could do that. JAN: Definitely. I know we all want to limit identifiable information for our teens and limit to their first name and club. We should also make sure we have permission to share information and that they're okay with bus posting on our group website? FELICITY: Yes. Anything online has permanency and even if deleted can be a part of history, we want to make sure the content we share is communicated clearly, has been edited for accuracy and as limited background distractions too. BRAD: The video and photo quality should be good and you should avoid having grammar and spelling errors. I can help edit that piece if needed. FELICITY: I like that idea. Working with our MSU Extension staff can help us make sure we are sat for any recording we do. I will send an email tonight to arrange a time to discuss that together. JAN: Works for me. Thanks for setting that up. FELICIY: We will all talk soon. ALL: Bye! [MUSIC]