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  • Asparagus miner's life cycle and how IPM can impact it

    Grad student Rob Morrison produces video on an IPM approach for asparagus miner.

  • Chelsea Rawe 2014 CANR graduation speech

    Undergrad tells how studying entomology changed her life in speech at College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Commencement.

  • Going wild: Native bees can improve pollination

    More bees are needed to pollinate crops. See what Rufus Isaacs and a team of scientists are doing to bolster the native bee population.

  • Graduate student explains why choose to study entomology and her research discoveries about malaria mosquitoes

    PhD grad Megan Fritz describes her research on malaria mosquitoes and why people choose to study entomology.

  • Ke Dong's research into avoiding mosquito resistance to pesticides and repellants

    Ke Dong and colleagues are working to combat resistant mosquitoes.

  • Entomology students explain tritrophic interactions

    Zsofia Szendrei's students in her ENT890 course explain the concept of tritrophic interactions.

  • How to scout for onion thrips video

    Zsofia Szendrei and MSU Extension educator Ben Werling discuss how to scout for onion thrips in onions.

  • Entomology: More Than Just Bugs

    Watch this video to learn about the Department of Entomology and our diverse studies.

  • Cherries and Beer Hops Are Growing Like Crazy in Michigan

    MSU Entomology alumni discuss climate impacts on cherries and hops with ABC’s Good Morning America.

  • Collaborating for Food Security in Central Asia

    Michigan State University partners with collaborators to begin rebuilding food security in Central Asia.

  • Dedicated to global solutions - Karim Maredia

    MSU's Karim Maredia is dedicated to improving agriculture and food security in places like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Research on Plants for Beneficial Insects With Doug Landis

    Wondering which plants are most attractive to beneficial insects? Join Kim Eierman as she talks with MSU's Doug Landis.

  • Benefits of Planting Flowers for Bees

    How can we help bees and ensure that farmers continue to get consistent, reliable pollination?

  • Farmer Veteran Coalition of Michigan

    Farmer veterans learn soil health from experts at MSU Extension, MSU Entomology, NRCS and others.

  • Smart Gardening

    Dave Smitley explains simple steps to avoid grub damage in lawns as part of Smart Gardening.

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