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  • Entomology: More Than Just Bugs

    Watch this video to learn about the Department of Entomology and our diverse studies.

  • Onion thrips video

    Zsofia Szendrei and MSU Extension educator Ben Werling discuss how to scout for onion thrips in onions.

  • Zsofia Szendrei students

    Zsofia Szendrei's students in her ENT890 course explain the concept of tritrophic interactions.

  • Ke Dong Mosquito Research

    Ke Dong and colleagues are working to combat resistant mosquitoes.

  • Megan Fritz

    PhD grad Megan Fritz describes her research on malaria mosquitoes and why people choose to study entomology.

  • Going Wild

    More bees are needed to pollinate crops. See what Rufus Isaacs and a team of scientists are doing to bolster the bee population.

  • Chelsea Rawe grad speech

    Undergrad tells how entomology changed her life in speech at College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Commencement.

  • Asparagus miner

    Grad student Rob Morrison produces video on an IPM approach for asparagus miner.

  • Cherries and Beer Hops Are Growing Like Crazy in Michigan

    MSU Entomology alumni discuss climate impacts on cherries and hops with ABC’s Good Morning America.

  • Research on Plants for Beneficial Insects With Doug Landis

    Wondering which plants are most attractive to beneficial insects? Join Kim Eierman as she talks with MSU's Doug Landis.

  • Dedicated to global solutions - Karim Maredia

    MSU's Karim Maredia is dedicated to improving agriculture and food security in places like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Farmer Veteran Coalition of Michigan

    Farmer veterans learn soil health from experts at MSU Extension, MSU Entomology, NRCS and others.

  • Collaborating for Food Security in Central Asia

    Michigan State University partners with collaborators to begin rebuilding food security in Central Asia.

  • Benefits of Planting Flowers for Bees

    How can we help bees and ensure that farmers continue to get consistent, reliable pollination?

  • Dean Fred Poston lecture

    CANR Dean Fred Poston on his path to being an entomologist, university vice president and more in the 2015 Gary Simmons Lecture.

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