Beverage specialization slated for fall 2013

A new specialization in Michigan State University's Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition will help prepare students for work in Michigan's beverage industry.

May 10, 2013 - Author: Holly Whetstone

There are currently more than 100 breweries, 100 wineries, and 30 distillers in Michigan.  A new specialization in Michigan State University’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition will help prepare students for work in Michigan’s beverage industry as well as the general US industry.

Billed as the Beverage Science and Technology specialization, Kris Berglund is slated to coordinate a trio of new courses in the specialization. Berglund is a MSU University Distinguished Professor of Food Science and Chemical Engineering and an AgBioResearch scientist.

“These courses were created to give students a good background in the general area of brewing, winemaking and distilling,” Berglund said.

The classes attract students interested in the process and production of winemaking, brewing and distilling as well as the resulting properties, Berglund said. Instructors will prepare students with majors in food science, chemistry, chemical engineering, biosystems engineering and microbiology majors to work in an industry where there is a high demand for trained professionals.

Class is held off campus at local wineries and breweries as well as the MSU Artisan Distilled Research Facility.

The following three-credit brewing and distilled beverage courses are available for students beginning Fall 2013 (Must be at least 21 years of age to enroll):

FSC 481, Sect 701: Fermented Beverages, Fall 2013

  • This course provides an overview of the wine, beer and spirits industries. In particular, emphasis is placed on the emerging craft and artisan wine, beer, and spirits sector.
  • Origin and history of alcoholic beverages produced by fermentation; types of products and methods of production; relationships among agricultural practices, processing and sensory attributes; responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Prerequisites: Approval of department; students must bring photo ID with age verification to each class.
  • All lectures and laboratories will take place off campus at locations to be determined.

CEM 482, Sect 701: Science and Technology of Wine Production, Fall 2013

  • Instruction includes the study of the origin and history of wine and wine production; determination and timing of harvest, methods of postharvest handling, storage, and processing of grapes into juice and wine; physical and chemical changes in wine and processes; must analysis and adjustment, fermentation, fining, and aging; physiology of yeasts and bacteria involved in winemaking and spoilage; cellar practices, problems, and operations
  • This course teaches the fundamentals of wine production from a scientific perspective
  • A combination of lectures, laboratory demonstrations, and field trips
  • PrerequisitesSenior or graduate standing in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Science, Biosystems Engineering, or Horticulture and approval of instructor
  • All lectures and laboratories will take place at Burgdorf’s Winery, Haslett, MI

CHE 483-701: Brewing and Distilled Beverage Technology, Spring 2014

  • Instruction includes the study of raw materials used for fermentation and basics of alcohol fermentation; beer and cider production; basics of distillation; brandy and eau de vie production; whiskey production; vodka, gin, and flavored spirits production; flavor chemistry.
  • The course is teaches the fundamentals of fermented beverage production from a chemical biochemical engineering perspective
  • A combination of lectures, laboratory demonstrations, and field trips; hours arranged.
  • Prerequisites: Senior or graduate standing in Chemical Engineering, Food Science, Biosystems Engineering or approval of instructor; CHE 311, BE 350, or FSC 429
  • All lectures and laboratories will take place at 2000 Merritt Rd. East Lansing, MI

For more information, contact Berglund at or via phone 517-974-3030.

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