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New AgBioResearch faculty member

MSU AgBioResearch is pleased to welcome a new faculty member.

April 3, 2011

MSU AgBioResearch, Bo NorbyMSU AgBioResearch is pleased to welcome a new faculty member.

Bo Norby, associate professor of dairy health and well-being, became affiliated with AgBioResearch in March.  His overall research focus is on the ecology of antimicrobial resistance in enteric bacteria, and how antimicrobial-resistant bacteria develop, spread, and persist in cattle and human populations.

His current and ongoing research interests are in understanding risk factors for preharvest food safety issues in dairy cattle and developing intervention strategies to mitigate these risks. Additionally, Norby has conducted research to understand cattle producers’ behavior in the face of foreign animal disease outbreaks. 

Before coming to MSU, Norby spent seven years at Texas A&M University, where he established a well-funded research program focused primarily on the study of antimicrobial resistance in beef and dairy cattle. He also taught epidemiology and food safety and security to veterinary and graduate students.  Norby received his veterinary degree from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995 and his master’s degree in veterinary preventive medicine at the University of California-Davis in 1998. In 1998, Norby came to MSU where he completed a doctoral program under the direction of Dr. Paul Bartlett with a focus on the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis

Photo: MSU AgBioResearch, Bo Norby

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