Cheikh Mbow

Cheikh Mbow


Department of Forestry

Adjunct Associate Professor, Environmental Science

Current Position(s)

Senior Scientist, World Agroforestry Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Associate Professor, Institute for Science of the Environment, Faculty of Sciences and technology Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal


Ph.D. (d’Etat), (2009). Cheikh Anta Diop University and University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Carbon stocks dynamics of tropical savannas.
Ph.D. (3e Cycle) (2000). Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal, Remote sensing and environmental science.
M.S. (1995). Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal, Physical geography.

Research Interests

Disturbances of savanna vegetative systems, particularly the impact of bush fires and other land cover changes in rural areas.

Climate change and above-ground carbon stock assessments, vegetation inventory the use for carbon models, and the monitoring of vegetative communities.

Tropical savanna woodland ecosystems fire dynamics and climate change effects on carbon storage and fluxes.

Selected Publications

Mbow C., Chhin, S., Sambou, B., Skole, D. In Press. Potential of dendrochronology to assess annual rates of biomass productivity in savanna trees of West Africa. Dendrochronologia.

Mbow C., Verstrate, M., Sambou, B., Diaw, A.T. In Press. Allometric relations for Soudan and Soudan-Guinean savannah trees in Protected Forests of Southern Senegal. Forest Ecology and Management.

Mertz, O., Mbow, C., Nielsen, J.O., Maiga, A., Diallo, D., Reenberg, A., Diouf, A., Barbier, B., Bouzou Moussa, I., Zorom, M., Ouattara, I., Dabi, D. 2011. Adaptation strategies and climate vulnerability in the Sudano-Sahelian region of West Africa. Atmospheric Science Letters 12: 104–108.

Inoussa, M.M. Mahamane, A. Mbow, C., Saadou, M., Yvonne, B. 2011 Dynamique spatiotemporelle des forêts claires dans le Parc national du W du Niger (Afrique de l’Ouest). Sécheresse 22(2): 108-116.

Proud, S.R., Rasmussen, M.O., Fensholt, R., Sandholt, I., Shisanya, C., Mutero, W., Mbow, C., Anyamba A. 2010. Improving the SMAC atmospheric correction code by analysis of Meteosat Second Generation NDVI and surface reflectance data. Remote Sensing of Environment, (114):1687–1698.

Mbow, C, Mertz, O. Diouf , A., Rasmussen, K., Reenberg, A., 2008. The history of environmental change and adaptation in eastern Saloum-Senegal – driving forces and perceptions. Global and Planetary Change, 64 (210-221).

Reenberg, A, Mbow, C., Diallo, B., Ba, M., Touré, A., Noergaard, A. 2009. Conceptualizing the change process in Soudano sahelian landscapes: Land use and Land Cover dynamics in Forest reserves and their margins. West African Journal of Applied Ecology. 15 : 105-125.

Mbow, C., Goïta, K., Bénié G. 2004. Spectral indices and fire behavior simulation for fire risk assessment in savanna ecosystems. Remote Sensing of Environment, Elsevier. 91, 1 : 1-13.

Nielsen T.T., Mbow C., Kane R; 2002. A statistical Methodology for burned area estimation using multitemporal AVHRR data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 23 (6): 1181-1196.

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