Mission and Values

Our Mission

  • We create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge through research, teaching, and outreach.
  • We apply knowledge to help individuals lead more productive lives, and to assist in the development and improvement of firms, organizations, communities, and public institutions.
  • We seek to contribute to Michigan, the nation, and the world. We emphasize applied and disciplinary contributions especially to the economic and managerial effectiveness of firms in the food and agricultural sector, and to the sustainability of agricultural production, environmental resources, and rural communities.
  • As educators, we work with students, leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.
  • We are committed to excellence across all our programs, both domestic and international.

Statement of Values

  • We value the Land Grant Mission that seeks to provide (1) citizen access to higher education regardless of wealth or social status, (2) excellent instruction in the knowledge and capabilities needed by students for the professions and careers important to society, and (3) a strengthened democratic system and citizenry through programs of education, research and outreach/extension. In all this, our first obligation is to serve the people of Michigan.
  • We value a strong commitment to work effectively and diligently to accomplish our Land Grant mission of helping people -- both off-campus and on-campus.
  • We value equally teaching, research, and outreach/extension activities. We recognize that effective integration of these functions is essential for providing high quality, relevant programs, both domestic and international.
  • We value the entire continuum of disciplinary, subject matter and problem-solving knowledge all of which are essential for the success of the Department, College, and University missions.
  • We value the flexibility to adjust our programs and a mix of programs to address changing societal problems in a timely and useful manner.
  • We value involvement in international teaching, research, and outreach programs. These activities inform our domestic efforts and enable us to address important problems and opportunities in Michigan's food, agriculture, and natural resource sectors.
  • We value, as part of our covenant with a democratic society, our responsibility for human and natural resource stewardship; our commitment to diversity within a community; and the contributions made to the intellectual vitality and relevance of the Department and the College by those served.
  • We value academic freedom and its responsible exercise.
  • We value intellectual diversity and heterogeneity in faculty composition.
  • We value initiative by faculty in creating and managing activities that generate external support, whether contracts, grants or appropriated funds.
  • We value collaborative and individual efforts. We recognize the increasing importance of collaborative efforts in our response to society's problems and needs.