Ph.D. Dissertations Written by AFRE Graduates

Please note, it takes the MSU Libraries some time to get dissertations through ProQuest and posted on the Libraries website. Any newer dissertations that you do not see linked below will be linked once available on the Libraries website, but are, in the meantime, internally housed by the Department. 


Lachhab, Rania Essays on the Economics of Water Scarcity. Major Professor: Molly Sears.


Abaidoo, Eric Seafood Mislabeling, Fish Efficiency, and Child Time Use: Three Essays in Aquaculture and Agricultural Economics. Major Professor: Benjamin Belton.

Alvayay-Torrejon, Camila Gabriela Rebuilding the Motor City: Exploring Demolition, Neighborhood Stabilization, and Land Valuation. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore.

Dhar, Rahul Nutrition-Related Outcomes and Food Environments in an Increasingly Processed Global Food Landscape. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

Hopkins, Alexander Four Essays on Environmental Economics and Environmental Financial Assets. Major Professor: Satish Joshi

Fang, Ming Three Essays in Development Economics. Major Professor Songqing Jin.

Kim, Hyunjung Essays on Recreation Demand and Structural Model of Use and Non-Use Values of Water Quality Improvement. Major Professor: Frank Lupi.

Parkhi, Charuta Demand and Supply Responses of Africa’s Food Systems Transformation: Evidence from Consumption Patterns and Technology Adoption in Nigeria. Major Professors: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie and Thomas Reardon.

Seong, Joseph Consumer Acceptance and Optimization Strategies for Sustainable Indoor Agriculture: Exploring Attitudes, Preferences, and Economic-Environmental Trade-Offs. Major Professor: Simone Valle de Souza.

Singh, Sudhir Essays on Identity, Workfare Programs, and Labor Markets. Major Professor: Songqing Jin. 

Staples, Aaron Assessing Regulatory, Policy, and Marketing Challenges Across Agri-Beverage Supply Chains. Major Professor: Vincenzina Caputo.


Athnos, April Information, Environmental Policy, and Aquacultural Expansion: Three Essays in Non-Market Valuation. Major Professor: Soren Anderson.

Ayesh, Abubakr Three Essays on Causes and Consequences of Violence and Conflict. Major Professor: Eduardo Nakasone.

Guedegbe, Onasis Tharcisse Adetumi  Effects of Shocks on Economic Development and Roles of Resilience Factors.  Major Professor: Adesoji Adelaja.

Huang, Zeying Three Essays on Extreme Heat, Wildfires, and Air Pollution in the United States. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore.

Jia, Yanan Managing Biological Resistance in Agriculture: Investigating the Roles of Information and Data Analysis in Decision Making. Major Professor: Robert Shupp.

Kilders, Valerie Using Novel Experimental Procedures to Elicit Consumer Food Preferences and Demand Under Different Choice Environments. Major Professor: Vincenzina Caputo. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2022.

Lu, Pin Three Essays on Risk Management and Irrigation Water Demand in Agriculture. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

Moskaleva, Evgeniya Three Essays on the Causes and Consequences of Youth Migration in Tanzania. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

Mukhopadhyay, Ramyani Mergers and Acquisitions in the Food and Agri-business Industry: Time to Completion, Roles of Advisers and Prediction of Acquirers. Major Professor: Soji Adelaja.

Nuhu, Ahmed Salim Essays on Firms, Climate Change, and Food Systems Transformation. Major Professors: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie and Titus Awokuse. 

Ye, Ziwei  Crop Biotechnology: Economics, Environment, and Policy. Major Professor: Felicia Wu.


Che, Yuyuan Four Essays on Farmers' Behavior When Making Insurance, Grazing, and Seed Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty. Major Professors: Hongli Feng and David Hennessy.

Koima, Josephat Essays on Agricultural Productivity, Youth Employment, and Human Capital Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Major Professor: Milu Muyanga.

Melkani, Aakanksha Essays on Agricultural Markets in Developing Countries: Smallholder Market Participation, the Enabling Environment for Fertilizer Imports, and Staple Food Product Price Uncertainty. Major Professor: Nicole Mason-Wardell.

Miyahara, Takashi Human Capital and Economic Growth in Japan. Major Professor: Adesoji Adelaja.

Sauer, Christine Three Essays on the Evolving Agrifood System in Tanzania. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2021

Tian, Qi Midwest Farmers' Decision-Making in Conservation Agriculture Adoption. Major Professor: Jinhua Zhao.

Ufer, Danielle Market Opportunities for the Use of Biotechnology to Improve Farm Animal Welfare. Major Professor: David Ortega. Food Distribution Research Society 2022 Richardson-Applebaum Outstanding Graduate Award for Best Ph.D. Dissertation

Watten, Asa Risk, Uncertainty, and Heterogeneity: Three and a Half Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics. Major Professor: Soren Anderson.


Farris, Jarrad  Assessing Development Outcomes When Weather, Land, and People Differ. Major Professor: Mywish Maredia.

Kaminski, Danielle  Re-moo-ving Barriers Within Labor: Exploring Current Events Related to Dairy and Poultry Labor Markets. Major Professor: Vincenzina Caputo.

Kondo, Mayuko  Structural Transformation from a Microeconomic View: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

Van Deynze, Braeden  To Spray or Not to Spray: The Economics of Weed and Insect Management Under Evolving Ecological Conditions. Major Professor: Scott Swinton. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2020


Doidge, Mary  Farmers’ Behaviour in the Face of Uncertainty: A Behavioural Economics Approach to Farmers’ Land and Insurance Decisions. Major Professor: David Hennessy and Hongli Feng.

Gill, Joshua  Three Essays in Development Economics. Major Professor: Maria Porter.

Kim, Jongwoo  Sustainable Intensification of Maize Production in Tanzania: Effects on Child Nutrition, Food Security, and the Role of Input Subsidies. Major Professor: Nicole Mason-Wardell.

Lin, Wen  Chinese Consumer Decision-Making and Novel Food Products. Major Professor: David Ortega.

Padilla, Samantha  From Chickens to Persistent Poverty: Three Essays on Dynamic Behavior. Major Professor: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie.

, Jina  The Impact of Bt Crops on Aflatoxin Reduction. Major Professors: Felicia Wu and David Hennessy. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2019


Aryal, Giri  Empirical Analyses of Regional Innovation and Economic Growth in the United States.  Major Professor: Satish Joshi.

Castro, Miguel  The Dynamic Value of Intermittent Renewable Energy. Major Professor: Jinhua Zhao.

, Maolong  Understanding Transient Technology Use Among Smallholder Farmers in Africa. Major Professor: Robert Myers. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2018

, Syed  Intensification & Asset Dynamics: Intrahousehold Decision-Making in Burkina Faso. Major Professor: Veronique Theriault and Melinda Smale.

, Sarah  Factor Markets, Relative Prices, and Input Use in Eastern and Southern Africa. Major Professor: Andrew Dillon.

, Jungmin  Socio-Political Nature of Disaster Impact: Tornadoes, Floods, and Extreme Heat. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore.

, Stephen  The Experimental Science of Economic Behavior: Testing Theories of Participation, Valuation, and Innovation. Major Professor: Nicole Mason-Wardell.

, Mukesh  Three Essays in Development Economics. Major Professor: Mywish Maredia.

Rivera Casanoba
, Nathaly  Three Essays on Environmental Quality with Polluting Sectors: Mining, Electricity, and Transportation. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.

, Jason  Milling Service Markets, Value Chain Coordination, and Food Attribute Values: Three Essays on the Post-Farm Food System in Tanzania. Major Professor: David Tschirley and Thomas Reardon.

, Sophia  The Cost of Wildfires in Heavily Urbanized Areas: Measuring Property Value and Recreational Impacts in Southern California. Major Professor: Frank Lupi.


Debrah, Godwin   Three Essays in Development Economics. Major Professor: Christian Ahlin and Thomas Jayne.

, Michael  Food Consumption Patterns in Light of Rising Incomes, Urbanization and Food Retail Modernization: Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

, Joseph  Information, Knowledge, and Demand for Substitute Health Inputs: Experimental Evidence of Pesticide Use in Zambia. Major Professor: David Tschirley. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2017

, Chaoran  Urban and Cluster Agglomeration Economies’s Effects on Rural Households in Asia. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Aissatou  Household Struture and Labor Allocation: The Case of Risk Insurance in Mali and Technology Adoption in Burkina Faso. Major Professor: Andrew Dillon.

, Marie  An Examination of Healthy Food Supply and Demand in America's Low-Income Communities. Major Professor: Dave Weatherspoon.


Adjao, Ramiziath  Competitiveness and Protection: A Comparative and Prospective Study of the West African and Asian Rice Subsector. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Serge Guigonan  Agricultural Finance, Non-Farm Employment, and Rural Poverty: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Major Professor: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2016

, Henry  Distortions in Oil Contract Allocation and the Role of Corruption in Spatial Price Transmission of Crude Oil Prices. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, Craig Wesley  Immigrants, Self-Employment, Ethnicity, and Growth in the United States. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.

, Li  Measuring the Value and Economic Impacts of Changes in Water Quality at Great Lakes Beaches in Michigan. Major Professor: Frank Lupi.

, Keneilwe  Essays on the Economic Value of Wildlife-Based Recreation in Developing Countries. Major Professor: Patricia Norris.

, Andrea  An Examination of US Household Expenditures on Healthy Food. Major Professor: Dave Weatherspoon.

, Ashesh  Spillover Effects of Public Works on Labor Markets: Evidence from National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, India. Major Professor: Andrew Dillon. Honorable Mention - Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2016


Ayieko, Miltone  Patterns, Determinants, and Welfare Effects of Agricultural and Livelihood Diversification Among Smallholder Farmers in Rural Kenya. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

, Gi-Eu  Essays in State-Level Climate Change Policies. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.

, Elliot Wamboka  The Impact of Agricultural Credit on Demand for Factors of Production, Farm Output, and Profitability in Kenya. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne and Robert Myers.

, Rie  Three Essays on Land and an Intensive Farming System in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Kenya. Major Professor: Songqing Jin.

, Leah Harris  Cost-Effective Conservation Programs to Enhance Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

Pejuan Ucles
, Wolfgang Baudino  Can a Credit-Insurance Package Increase the Adoption of a Modern Variety Package?: An Application to Honduran Dry Bean Farmers. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Carson Jon  Managing Biological and Linked Pollutants. Major Professor: Richard Horan.

, Guilherme  Early Contractual Relationships in the Renewable Energy Industry: Assessing Parties’ Preferences for Timely Sustainable Growth. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

, Chenguang  The Impacts of Climate Change and Energy Policy on U.S. Agriculture. Major Professor: Soren Anderson and Jinhua Zhao.

, Hui  Three Essays on Fertility, Labor Market Performance, and Parental Mental Health. Major Professor: Songqing Jin and Todd Elder.

, Ayala Yocheved  Essays on Land Acccess in Kagera, Tanzania: Markets, Migration, and Bequests. Major Professor: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2015

, Vandana  Essays on the Benefits and Costs of Tenancy Reform in India: Evidence from West Bengal. Major Professor: Songqing Jin.


Duangbootsee, Uchook  Essays on the Economics of Thai Rice Policies. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, Sangjun  Adaptations to Climate Change: Extreme Events Versus Gradual Changes. Major Professor: Jinhua Zhao and Suzanne Thornsbury. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2014

, Adam  Who Seeks Assistance and What Do They Get Out Of It? An Impact Evaluation of the MSU Product Center. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson and Brent Ross.

, Nathalie Mongue  Trends and Determinants of Food Consumption Patterns in West Africa. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Vivek  Three Essays in Corporate Sustainability. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

Peralta Sanchez
, Alexandra  Impact Evaluation of a Multi-Intervention Development Project: Effects on Adoption of Agricultural Technologies and Levels of Trust. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

, Dale  Technology Adoption, Resource Management, and Efficiency in the Indonesian Shrimp Industry. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Helder  Impacts of World Food Program Local and Regional Procurement of Food Aid on Markets, Household Welfare and Food Supply Chain in Africa. Major Professor: Robert Myers and David Tschirley.


Ariga, Joshua  Essays on Farm Fertilizer Profitability and Demand. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Jordan  Market Access and Smallholder Development in Kenya and Zambia. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Min  Valuation of Public Great Lakes Beaches in Michigan. Major Professor: Frank Lupi. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2013

, Timothy  Not All Property Taxes Are Created Equal: Inequity from Policy and Practice. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore.

, Sung Koon  Regional Competition in Property Taxes, School Spending, and Tax Abatements. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore.

, Milu  Smallholder Agriculture in the Context Of Increasing Population Densities In Rural Kenya. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Christina  Essays on Urban Depopulation and Municipal Policy. Major Professor: Eric Scorsone.

, Hillary  Consumer Perceptions, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay for Sustainably Labeled Food Products. Major Professor: Robert Shupp.

, Thasanee  Sustainable Attribute Valuation and Manufacturer’s Sustainable Product Launch Decision Making: An Egg Industry Case. Major Professor: Dave Weatherspoon.

, Julius  Essays on Market Access through Collective Action: Analyses of Factors Affecting the Formation, Success, and Impact of Farmer Marketing Groups in Kenya. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Xuan  Three Essays in International Trade: Analysis of Export Decisions and Offshoring. Major Professor: David Schweikhardt.

, Fang  Do Legal Reforms in Favor of Women Improve their Economic and Political Outcomes? Evidence from India. Major Professor: Songqing Jin.


Burke, William  Maize Production in Zambia and Regional Marketing: Input Productivity and Output Price Transmission. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Joseph  Viability Assessment of Regional Biomass Pre-Processing Center Based Bioethanol Value Chains. Major Professor: Satish Joshi.

, Ricardo  Smallholders, Output and Input Markets, and Technology Adoption in Central America. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Timothy  Three Essays in Regional Economic Development: Forecasting, Firm Sizes and Ethanol Plants. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.

, Richard  Three Essays in Resource Economics: Protecting Non-Use Values through Ecosystem Management and Estimating Recreational Demand To Determine Use Values. Major Professor: Frank Lupi and Rick Horan. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2012

, Byron  The Economic Impact of Improved Bean Varieties and Determinants of Market Participation: Evidence from Latin America and Angola. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Feng  Three Essays on Agricultural Price Volatility and the Linkages between Agricultural and Energy Markets. Major Professor: Robert Myers.


Katjiuongua, Hikuepi  Essays on the EU Trade Policy Reforms and the Namibian Beef Sector. Major Professor: Dave Weatherspoon.

, Andrew  The Structure, Conduct, and Performance of Agricultural Market Information Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Major Professor: John Staatz.

Kumarappan, Subbu  The Economic Prospects of Cellulosic Biomass for Biofuel Production. Major Professor: Satish Joshi.

, Shan  Supply and Demand for Ecosystem Services from Cropland in Michigan. Major Professor: Scott Swinton. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2011

, Nicole  Marketing Boards, Fertilizer Subsidies, Prices, & Smallholder Behavior: Modeling & Policy Implications for Zambia. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Jacob  Household-Level Impacts of Fertilizer Subsidies in Malawi. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Elan  Essays on Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Public Health Programs on Child's Well-Being: Evidence from Indonesia Family Life Survey. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Aleksan  External Facilitation of Sustainable Market Linkages in the Agri-Food Supply Chain: Evidence from the USDA Marketing Assistance Program in the Armenian Dairy and Vegetable Industries. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.


Aralas, Sarma  Essays in Trade and Environment: The Environmental Effects of Intraindustry Trade. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

, Feng  Essays on Land Use Decisions for Energy Crop Production and the Effects of Subsidies under Uncertainty and Costly Reversibility. Major Professor: Scott Swinton. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2010

, Fang  Essays on the Bioeconomic Analysis of Wildlife and Livestock Disease Problems. Major Professor: Richard Horan.


Adanu, Dziwornu  Essays in the Political Economy of Eminent Domain and Efficient Water Resource Management. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

, Malika Economic Analysis of U.S. Ethanol Expansion Issues. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

, Domenico  Branding Agri-Food Products with Credence Attributes. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2009

, Joleen  Essays on Nutrient Management Risk in Livestock Production: Citizen Environmental Complaints, Manure Hauling System Costs, and Animal Emission Taxes. Major Professor: Christopher Wolf.

, Abdoul  Essays on the Effects of Coffee Market Reforms, Supply Chains, and Income Improvement in Rwanda. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.

, Nicole  Agricultural Producer Responses to Changes in Consumer Demand for Production Process Attributes. Major Professor: Christopher Wolf.

, Honglin  Social Learning and Parameter Uncertainty in Irreversible Investments and Partial Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Spatial Probit Model. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, George  Case-Ready Meats: An Outsourcing Decision for Food Retailers. Major Professor: John Allen.


Gramig, Benjamin  Essays on the Economics of Livestock Disease Management: On-Farm Biosecurity Adoption, Asymmetric Information in Policy Design, and Decentralized Bioeconomic Dynamics. Major Professor: Richard Horan Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2008, AAEA Honorable Mention Ph.D. Dissertation

, Lilian Wambui  Essays on Disease-Related Working-Age Adult Mortality: Evidence from Rural Kenya. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Mary  Essays on Off-Farm Labor Market Participation, Farm Production Decisions and Household Economic Wellbeing: Empirical Evidence from Rural Kenya. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

, Catherine  Essays on Food Safety and Competitiveness in the Philippine Seafood Industry. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Shaufique  Analyses of Recycling Behavior, Recycling Demand, and Effectiveness of Policies Promoting Recycling. Major Professor: Satish Joshi and Frank Lupi.

, Zhiying  Essays on Applied Production Analysis in Agriculture. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.


Donnet, M. Laura  Essays On Specialty Coffee Procurement. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

, Edward  The Economic Impact of Prime-Age Adult Mortality on Malawian Agricultural Households in the Era of HIV/AIDS. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

, Wei  Optimal Pest Management in the Presence of Natural Pest Control Services. Major Professor: Richard Horan and Scott Swinton. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2007, AAEA Honorable Mention Ph.D. Dissertation


Balsevich, Fernando  Essays on Producers’ Participation in, Access to, and Response to the Changing Nature of Dynamic Domestic Markets in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Rui  An Analysis of Income Poverty Effects in Cash Cropping Economies in Rural Mozambique: Blending Econometric and Economy-Wide Models. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

, Lesiba Elias  The Influence of Demand Model Selection on Household Welfare Estimates: An Application to South African Food Expenditures. Major Professor: Robert Myers. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2006

Chapoto, Antony  The Impact of AIDS-Related Prime-Age Mortality on Rural Farm Households: Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.

, Yanyan  Papers on Agricultural Insurance and Farm Productivity. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, Denys  Three Essays on Regional Economic Development and Local Determinants of Poverty. Major Professor: Scott Loveridge.


Labarta-Chávarri, Ricardo  Essays on the Economic Evaluation of Integrated Pest Management Extension in Nicaragua. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

Nouve, Kofi  Impacts of Global Agricultural Trade Reforms and World Market Conditions on Welfare and Food Security in Mali: a CGE Assessment. Major Professor: John Staatz. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2005

, Gerald Gesicho Omae  The Dynamics of Agricultural Insurance and Consumption Smoothing. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, Julius  Compliance with International Food Safety Standards: The Case of Green Bean Production in Kenyan Family Farms. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

, Meeta  Integrating Econometric Analysis with Scenario Analysis for Forecasting in a Rapidly Changing Environment: Case Study of the U.S. Dry Bean Industry. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

, Laila  Public Preferences and Nonmarket Values for the Management of Forest Ecosystem Services. Major Professor: Frank Lupi.


Camara, Oumou M.  The Impact of Seasonal Changes in Real Incomes and Relative Prices on Households Consumption Patterns in Bamako, Mali. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Denise Yvonne  Strategic Responses to Structural Change in Agrifood Markets:  Essays on the Fresh Produce Market of São Paulo Brazil. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Pamela Riley  Migrant Farm Labor in Michigan:  An Analysis of Recent Trends in Supply and Demand, and Policy Implications. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Asfaw Negassa  The Effects of Policy Changes on Spatial Grain Market Efficiency in Ethiopia. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, David  Three Essays on the Rise of Supermarkets and Their Impact on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chains in Kenya. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Monika  Truth Vs Beauty: Essays On Standards, Trade, And Agreements. Major Professor: David Schweikhardt. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2004


Gonzalez-Ramirez, Horacio  Economic Evaluation of Bean-Research Investment in Mexico. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Gregg Lewis  Factors Influencing Dairy Cattle Culling Decisions and their Economic Implications. Major Professor: Stephen Harsh.

, Daniel David  The Impact of Maize Technologies on Income Distribution in Marginal and High Potential Regions of Kenya. Major Professor: Eric Crawford.

, Yoko  Essays on Poverty, Inequality and Labor Market in India. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon and John Strauss.

, David Len  Essays On The Economic Impact Of Disease-Resistant Bean Research In Honduras. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2003

, Lorie  The Effects Of Compliance Uncertainty On Flexible Environmental Performance Standards: Total Maximum Daily Loads In Michigan. Major Professor: Sandra Batie.

, Maria Namakhoye  An Economic Analysis of the Performance of the Fertilizer Subsector in the Maize Belt of Western Kenya. Major Professor: John Staatz.


Adhikari, Bishwa Bhakta  Factors and Trends of Regional Shifts of Production: Analysis of the U.S. Pork Sector. Major Professor: Laura Cheney.

Arcenas, Agustin  Farmer-led Soil Conservation Initiative in a Developing Country Setting:  The Case of the Claveria Land Care Association in Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

Deaton, Jr.
, Brady J.  Hazards And Amenities: Examining The Benefits Of Hazardous Waste Clean-Up And Support For Farmland Preservation. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

, Anwar  Essays on Mixed Oligopoly and Agricultural R&D. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Cynthia A.  Time Series Analysis of Famine Early Warning Systems in Mali. Major Professor: James Oehmke. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2002

, Jon C.  The Production and Marketing of Differentiated Agricultural Products: Implications for Agribusiness Strategy. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.


Chaudhury, Nazmul  Efficiency And Productivity Of Nepalese Agriculture. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Blessing Mukabeta  Essays on the Economics of Cotton Production in Zimbabwe: Policy Implications for Technology Adoption, Farmer Health and Market Liberalization. Major Professor: Scott Swinton. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2001

, William D.  An Institutional Analysis of Environmental Self-Regulation. Major Professor: Sandra Batie.


Ahmed, Hiba  Three Essays on Water Service: A Case Study of the Residential Sector of Cairo. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

Aldridge, Kimberly M.  Predicting the Path of Grain Prices with Limited Data: A Case Study from Mali. Major Professor: John Staatz. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 2000

, Youssouf  Profitability of Cassava Production Systems in West Africa: A Comparative Analysis (Cote D'Ivoire, Chana and Nigeria). Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Ellen T.  The Impact of U.S.-Mexican Economic Integration on National and Subsector Competitiveness. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Paulo Nicua  An Economic Analysis of Smallholder Cashew Development Opportunities and Linkages to Food Security in Mozambique's Northern Province of Nampula. Major Professor: Michael Weber.

Yamano, Takashi  Food Aid's Effects on Household Behavior in Rural Ethiopia. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne and John Strauss.

, David Russell  Sustainable Agriculture and Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.


, Samuel  Implications of Open Trade in West Africa for The Beef Sector: Evidence from Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Bocar Nene  Essays on the Economics of Soil Nutrient Replenishment in Ecologically Fragile Regions of SubSaharan Africa: Evidence From Senegal. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Jones  Impacts of Tsetse Control on Migration and Capital Accumulation: Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

, Kei  Contract Theory and Its Applications to Groundwater Markets in India. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon.

, Patrick Sawasawa  Constraints and Opportunities to Expanding Legume Production: An Institutional and Economic Analysis of the Legume Seed Sector in Malawi. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

Lai, Jing-Yi  Optimal Post-Harvest Grain Marketing Strategies in a Risky Market Environment. Major Professor: Robert Myers. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 1999

Steffens, Karin M.J.  Birder Preferences for Attributes of Birding Sites: A Binary-Choice Experiment. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

Stepanek, Julia Caley  Lessons from Ethiopia's High-Input Technology Promotion Program: How the Organization of the Fertilizer Subsector Affects Maize Productivity. Major Professor: Thomas Jayne.


Begashaw, Getachew W.  Determinants of Public Service Expenditures in Fast Growing Local Governments of Michigan. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

, Jeffrey Raymond  Consumer Demand For Ecolabeled Apples. Major Professor: Eileen van Ravenswaay.

, Berhanu  The Economics of Soil Conservation in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Major Professor: Carl Eicher.

, Heinz J.  Induced Institutional Change in the Trade and Environment Debate: A Computable General Equilibrium Application to NAFTA with Endogenous Regulation Setting. Major Professor: Thomas Reardon. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 1998

, Jaakko  People and Bananas on Steep Slopes: Agricultural Intensification and Food Security Under Demographic Pressure and Environmental Degradation in Rwanda. Major Professor: John Staatz.

, Bernard R.  Economic Efficiency and Returns to Scale of Communal Area Agriculture in Zimbabwe and Implications for Agrarian Reform. Major Professor: Eric Crawford.

, Conrad Power  An Analytical Framework for Industry Strategic Planning and Coordination. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

, Brian R.  Prepartum Selection of Holstein Heifers to Maximize Profit of Michigan Dairy Producers. Major Professor: James Lloyd.

, Paul David  Institutional Economics of Arabica Coffee Marketing in Cameroon. Major Professor: Allan Schmid.

, Allen Francis  Determinants of Firm-Level Coordination Strategy in a Changing Agri-Food System. Major Professor: Stephen Harsh.


Ahmad, Mubariq  Ecolabeling of Tropical Timber: Linking Consumer Awareness and Sustainable Forest Utilization. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

, Mei-Chin  Designing Production Contracts to Reduce Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution. Major Professor: Sandra Batie. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 1997

, Georges  An Economic Analysis of the Competitiveness of Alternative Rice Production Systems: The Case of Bas-fond Rice Production in Mali-Sud. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Memoona Rauf  Effects of Irrigation on Rice Productivity and Commercial, Educational and Overall Infrastructure on Farm-Household Decisions in Central Punjab, 1992. Major Professor: Roy Black.

, Charles Lepepeule  Determinants of Credit Constraints on Micro and Small Enterprises in the Northern Province of South Africa. Major Professor: Carl Eicher.

, Nicole N.  Farmer Willingness to Pay for Herbicide Safety Characteristics. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

, Kyösti Sakari  A Generalized Model of Investment With an Application to Finnish Hog Farms. Major Professor: Lindon Robison.

, James Arthur  Decisions About Exporting: The Case of Michigan's Smaller Agribusiness and Food Industry Firms. Major Professor: Christopher Peterson.

, Paul J.  Smallholder Cash-Cropping, Food Cropping and Security in Northern Mozambique. Major Professor: Michael Weber.


Donovan, Cynthia  Effects of Monetized Food Aid on Local Maize Prices in Mozambique. Major Professor: Michael Weber.

, Javier  An Economic Analysis of the Sunflower Seed Sector in Spain. Major Professor: John Ferris.

, Seong-Gwan  The Effect of Wage and Rent Shocks on Migrations. Major Professor: John Hoehn.

Keyler, Stefan K.  Economics of the Namibian Millet Subsector. Major Professor: Carl Eicher.

, David Wafula  Wheat Policy in Kenya. Major Professor: James Oehmke.

, Shunji  Effects of Output Changes on Factor Demand in Japanese Agriculture: A Flexible Dynamic Cost Function Approach. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

, Hong  Farmer Risk Management Behavior and Welfare Under Alternative Portfolios of Risk Instruments. Major Professor: Roy Black. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 1996

, Timothy Alan  Subsector Strategic Coordination Toward Improved Performance: A Framework and an Apple Subsector Case Study. Major Professor: James Shaffer.


Bonnard, Patricia J.  Land Tenure, Land Titling, and the Adoption of Improved Soil Management Practices in Honduras. Major Professor: Lester Manderscheid.

, Miguel  Entry, Exit and Growth of Micro and Small Enterprises in the Dominican Republic 1992-1993. Major Professor: Michael Weber.

Daniels, Lisa  Entry, Exit, and Growth Among Small-Scale Enterprises in Zimbabwe. Major Professor: Carl Eicher.

, Pedro V.  A Socio-Economic Study of the Honduran Bean Subsector: Production Characteristics, Adoption of Improved Varieties, and Policy Implications. Major Professor: Richard Bernsten.

, Joan Chamberlin  Patterns of Business Growth: Micro and Small Enterprises in Kenya. Major Professor: Harold Riley.

Rubey, Lawrence Michael  Maize Market Reform in Zimbabwe: Linkages Between Consumers Preferences, Small-Scale Enterprise Development and Alternative Marketing Channels. Major Professor: Michael Weber.

, Joseph  An Institutional Analysis of the Maize Seed Industry in Southern Africa. Major Professor: Carl Eicher.

, Takeshi  Essays on Uncertainty and Sustainability in the Semi-Arid Tropics. Major Professor: Allan Schmid. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of 1995

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