Graduate Student Publications

Graduate students in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics (AFRE) are often able to begin publishing their research in peer-reviewed academic journals before graduating from their respective programs. Below are some examples of publications that have come out of our graduate students' research. The names of graduate students are highlighted in bold and the names of AFRE faculty are underlined.


Birol, E., Foley, J., Herrington, C., et al. Transforming Nigerian Food Systems Through Their Backbones: Lessons From a Decade of Staple Crop Biofortification Programing. Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 2022;0(0). doi:10.1177/03795721221117361

Herrington, C. L., Maredia, M. K., Ortega, D. L., Taleon, V., Birol, E., Sarkar, Md. A. R., & Rahaman, Md. S. (2022). Rural Bangladeshi Consumers’ (Un)Willingness to Pay for Low-milled Rice: Implications for Zinc Biofortification. Agricultural Economics, 1–18.

Hopkins, K. A., McKendree, M. G. S., & Schaefer, K. A. (2022). Resolving the reality gap in farm regulation voting models. Food Policy112, 102357. Read the article.

Hopkins, K. A., Swanson, J. C., & McKendree, M. G. S. (2022). Assessing best management practice adoption by pasture-based beef producers: The Whole Herd Beef Risk Index.Applied Animal Science38(2), 200–209.

Malone, T., Swinton, S. M., Pudasainee, A., & Bonito, G. (2022). Economic Assessment of Morel (Morchella spp.) Foraging in Michigan, USA. Economic Botany, 1-15. Economic Assessment of Morel (Morchella spp.) Foraging in Michigan, USA | SpringerLink

Staples, A.J., Sirrine, J.R., Mull, A., Stuhr, S., Adams, A., & Malone, T. (2022). Untapping terroir: Experimental evidence of regional variation in hop flavor profiles. Technical Quarterly, 59(1), 7-16.

Staples, A.J., Behe, B.K., Huddleston, P., & Malone, T. (2022). What you see is what you get, and what you don't goes unsold: Choice overload and purchasing heuristics in a horticulture lab experiment. Agribusiness: An International Journal

Behe, B.K*, Staples, A.J., Huddleston, P., & Malone, T. (2022). Display Complexity Affects Visual Processing of Horticultural Plant Retail Displays. Journal of Environmental Horticulture,40(1), 1-9.

Staples, A.J.Abaidoo, E., Jescovitch, L.N., Chambers, D., Melstrom, R.T., & Malone, T. (2021). Regulatory burdens across the U.S. aquaculture supply chain. Choices, 36(4).

Staples, A.J., Chambers, D., Melstrom, R.M., & Malone, T. (2021). Regulations across U.S. protein supply chains. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 54(1), 1-27.

Ye, Ziwei, Felicia Wu, and David A. Hennessy. "Environmental and economic concerns surrounding restrictions on glyphosate use in corn." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences18 (2021).


Ara, J., Shahed, S. S., Rahman, R., Ahmad, S., & Das, N. C. (2020). The ‘fishnet approach’to livelihood improvement in depressed basins: evidence from BRAC’s Integrated Development Programme. Development in Practice, 30(4), 523-540. Read the Article

Kilders, V., & Caputo, V. (2021). Is Animal Welfare Promoting Hornless Cattle? Assessing Consumer’s Valuation for Milk from Gene‐edited Cows under Different Information Regimes. Journal of Agricultural Economics. Read the Article

Kim, J., Mason, N. M., Mather, D., & Wu, F. (2021). The effects of the national agricultural input voucher scheme (NAIVS) on sustainable intensification of maize production in Tanzania. Journal of Agricultural Economics. Read the Article

Lee, Y., Haile, B., Seymour, G., & Azzarri, C. (2021). The Heat Never Bothered me Anyway: Gender‐Specific Response of Agricultural Labor to Climatic Shocks in Tanzania. Appl Econ Perspect Policy. 2021; 1– 18. Read the Article

Martinez, J. M., Labarta, R. A., Gonzalez, C., & Lopera, D. C. (2021). Joint adoption of rice technologies among Bolivian farmers. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 1-21. Read the Article

Nuhu, A.S., Liverpool-Tasie, S., Awokuse, T., & Kabwe, S.,  (2021) Do benefits of expanded midstream activities in crop value chains accrue to smallholder farmers? Evidence from Zambia. World Development. Vol. 143. Read the Article

Staples, A., Chambers, D., & Malone, T. (2021). How many regulations does it take to get a beer? The geography of beer regulations. Regulation & Governance. Read the Article

Staples, A.J., Malone, T., & Sirrine, & J. R. (2021). Hopping on the Localness Craze: What Brewers Want from State‐Grown Hops. Managerial and Decision Economics. 42(2), 463-473. Read the Article

Ufer, D.Ortega, D.L., & Wolf, C.A. (2021). Information and Consumer Demand for Milk Attributes: Are Redundant Labels an Effective Marketing Strategy? Appl Econ Perspect Policy. 2021; 1– 22. Read the Article


Alvayay-Torrejón, C., Paredes, D., & Skidmore, M. (2021). Housing Demolition and Property Tax Delinquency: Evidence from Detroit. Journal of Urban Affairs. 1-22. Read the Article

Belton, B., Win, M. T., Zhang, X., & Filipski, M. (2021). The rapid rise of agricultural mechanization in Myanmar. Food Policy, 101, 102095. Read the Article

Biedny, C., Malone, T., & Lusk, J. L. (2020). Exploring Polarization in US Food Policy Opinions. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 42(3), 434-454. Read the Article

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Farris, J., Porter, M., Jin, S., & Maredia, M. (2021). Growing Pains: Timing of In Utero Rainfall Shocks and Child Growth in Rural Rwanda. Economic Development and Cultural ChangeRead the Article

Flores Moreno, F., & Malone, T. (2020). An Empirical Exploration of Collective Food Identity and Willingness to Pay for Local Foods. Agricultural & Resource Economics Review. Featured Article. Read the Article

Kilders, V., Caputo, V., & Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O. (2020). Consumer Ethnocentric Behavior and Food Choices in Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria. Food Policy. Read the Article

Lagoudakis, A., McKendree, M., Malone, T., & Caputo, V. (2020). Incorporating Producer Opinions into a SWOT Analysis of the U.S. Tart Cherry Industry. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. Read the Article

Lin, W., Ortega, D. L., Ufer, D., Caputo, V., & Awokuse, T. (2020). Blockchain‐based traceability and demand for US beef in China. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. Read the Article

Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O., Wineman, A., Young, S., Tambo, J., Vargas, C., Reardon, T., Adjognon, G.S., Porciello, J., Gathoni, N., Bizikova, L., Galie, A., & Celestin, A. (2020). A Scoping Review of Market Links Between Value Chain Actors and Small-Scale Producers in Developing Regions. Nature Sustainability. Read the Article

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Yu J., Hennessy D.A., & Wu, F. (2020). The Impact of Bt Corn on Aflatoxin-Related Insurance Claims in the United States. Scientific Reports. 10:10046. Read the Article